Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bracing for July

Does anybody know what happened to June? It seems to have up and disappeared on me. 

As promised, I'm back in action! We're T-Minus 22 days to D-Day (aka the Kentucky Bar Exam) and I wish I could say I was feeling (at all) confident about it. Now that we've entered the month of July it's time to put my head down and focus. Because the exam is as much about physical endurance (two consecutive 6 hour days) as it is about legal knowledge, I'm trying to incorporate as much exercise and healthy eating into the mix as possible. Positive thinking will always prevail!

With July also starts a new quarter of 2012. What better time than to check in on my 2012 goals!

Run a Marathon
- Derby Festival Marathon April 25 2012 (DONE! - You can check out my recaps HERE and HERE
- Create a training plan and post it on the fridge (DONE!)
- Find a running group/partner to complete long runs 
- Run at least one 20 miler (DONE!)
- Use the blog & daily mile to keep me accountable for my training (Work in progress :) still love it!)

Healthy Body for the Wedding
(Best way I could think of to say 'lose weight' without actually saying it)
- Maintain free lifetime Weight Watchers membership in 2012 (still free through June! Truly proud of this)

- Try new vegetables and recipes! Add good finds to the blog
    I'm particularly happy with how this goal is going! We recently purchased a little grill and we've been trying new things! Earlier this week we had shrimp, pineapple and mixed veggies and it was delish. Still looking for new creative ways to incorporate different foods into "our" diet. Cooking for two is still so new!

- Take stock of what I'm eating, how I feel, & how it effects me (30 day food journal challenge)
   I'm continuing to track through weight watchers and it's helpful with the new medication. Still trying to gauge how new/different foods effect my system and what tends to set me off. I'm still pretty obsessed with ice cream, but at least now I"m having salads for lunch and ice cream after :) 

- Continue my effort to take the word "Fat" out of my vocabulary
    My attitude about my body lately has been awesome. Even on days when I feel rather gross, I have managed to change my mindset to keep in mind both the day-to-day changes but keep focused on the long-term goals. 

- Note: This goal has been working so well that my wedding dress is having to be altered! It fit perfectly in January when I picked it up but she's having to take it in! I'm so excited I could die - huge accomplishment! 

So obviously things have been going pretty well so far in 2012! I've managed to accomplish most of my concrete goals and made a lot of progress on my on-going goals. So here are some updates to the goals list!

- Run A Sub 2:30 Half marathon
- Try at least one trail run (thanks to Julia for inspiring this goal!)
- Get married/pass the bar/get a job