Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goodbye Base Building, Hello Peak Training (Weekly Recap)

My plan to get "Back on track" didn't exactly work out this week. I was 1/4 in morning workouts and had family in over the weekend so I only managed one long workout. Here's what it looked like:

Best Workout of the Week
I'm still getting over this crud so every workout this week was kind of 'ho hum'. I slept a lot. I probably needed it. I did my 2 hour ride tonight since we had family in this morning. It wasn't too bad. It's so weird waiting until 4:30 to go out to ride but with the heat I'm really glad I did. Tuesday's run was pretty good too - managed to do some intervals. Running has sucked lately - hopefully I can the peak training phase doesn't kill me.

Best Meal of the Week
This week was pretty on-point with food. I'm struggling to get calories up again and need to focus on that. Obviously the last two weeks I wasn't burning as many but I forget that my base need is 1750. That's a lot. We had an epic breakfast this morning so I made a light dinner of tilapia and mixed veggies. Steam fresh bags are the best. I seem to have tricked Hubz into eating Tilapia - throw Old Bay on it and he'll eat it.

Challenges for Next Week
I really want to get my morning workouts in this week. I think I'm going to run Tuesday morning and swim Tuesday afternoon. I also need to get my 50 miler on the calendar in the next few weeks

55 days until IM70.3 Ohio

oh dear god

Happy Running!

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