Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Weeks out & A new Running Partner

I woke up this morning and realized that it has been almost 2 weeks since the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. I can't decide if it feels a lot longer or shorter than that, but somehow 2 weeks just doesn't seem right.

My body is almost completely back to normal after the race. During the first week out I managed to get some quality walk/runs in, going for time rather than distance. My hips feel a lot better and those two horrible blisters on my feet have all but disappeared. Well, one has turned to a callous that all but dominates one of my toes. Oh well, I'll take it!

Life post marathon is a little bit weird. I finished Law School and my marathon in the same week which was exciting and thrilling and depressing all at the same time. With both I experienced the overwhelming feeling of, "that's it? oh." I know sometimes you come off of a race and you're so high, and it feels so good that you feel like you're floating on a cloud for the next week. For me, neither one of these major achievements left me with this feeling.

Instead, we're turning life upside down!

  • Old - Clerking at the Public Defenders Office. New - Working retail at the Mall
  • Old - Legal Education. New - Prepping for the Kentucky Bar Exam in July
  • Old - Current Just-Me Apartment. New - House with Josh
  • Old - Training for KDF Marathon. New - [Giant Blank Space]
  • Old - Running Solo. New - Running With Ellie

Among all of these crazy new things, the new running partner has to be the most notable running-related item. Who is this new running buddy you ask? Meet Eleanor
Back in January I opined that I needed a dog like the desserts needed the rain. I was studiously doing my research, checking into the rescue associations so we could rescue our new best friend. Lo and behold Saturday after a rescue event we stopped by our local human society and there she was. Two month old Beagle Mix just waiting for us. 

She does great on a leash for a pup that's only had a collar on for four days and I can already tell she'll be needing some evening tempo runs to wear her down. I'm over the moon. Now if only she'd stop trying to chew my hair off (and stop pooping in my bedroom, but one thing at a time). 
 While the addition of a new pup and a new job are making it really hard to get out and run (as in I have only done 30 minutes of physical activity this week, ugh), these lazy summer days spent with puppies are once in a lifetime. I'll try to ignore the non-running blues and soak up the puppy kisses. 

Happy Running!

Have you ever had a case of the blues after finishing a big race?


  1. What an adorable puppy!! The beagles are the best...I have a beagle/pug mix...they are great. :)

  2. So sweet!!!! We used to have a beagle - enjoy :)

  3. Well, I have to say, if I had a new puppy, I would do more playing and less running too! :) How cute! One of my best friends adopted a beagle and named her Nelly. She's such a good girl!

  4. I love Eleanor :) LOVE! and who could run when you have a puppy. I'd just cuddle it all day long.

    poor Logan....if we ever get another dog.

    and I love all the news! better sign up for a race, maybe a 10k??