Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This & That

When I started blogging I'm not sure how often I anticipated updating, but I know once a week wasn't what I had in mind. That being said, once a week feels pretty damn current at this point. I've developed this thing during my runs, though, where I'll start plotting the blog I'll write about that run or workout as it's happening. Then I don't write it. C'est la vie. So rather than regurgitate a week's worth of mental blogs, I'll give it to you short and sweet.

  • My life doesn't start before 9am these days. While I know I'll look back on this and say "wow, why didn't you enjoy that more?"for now I feel lazy and dumpy sleeping in so much and not doing anything productive. Example? I've slept through my alarm for my Saturday running group every week now. whoops...
  • Despite sleeping through the alarm I managed to get in pretty awesome long run on Saturday! I was supposed to do 7 miles but the only route I knew was an 8 miler so....8 it was!
I wish the garmin elevation charts showed hills in
level of badassness          
So much for 12:40 pace...
  • I have my first blister of the training season. I'm kind of glad to get it out of the way. 
  • I want a dog so bad I physically can't stand it. I think this is the way girls my age are supposed to feel about babies. You can keep your baby, I just want a dog. The minute J and I start cohabitation there will be a dog. We're naming him Arthur. This is who I dream about on my long runs
  • I'm starting to get a marathon appetite to go with marathon training. I could eat everything in sight if I let myself. Hopefully this week there will be pictures of all the awesome new recipes I'm trying!
  • If it weren't for running (and school...and work...) I probably wouldn't leave my couch. Someone should have told me that starting Downton Abbey and The Wire at the same time wasn't a good idea. 
  • This morning my good buddy Carter and I went for a run together. We haven't seen each other - let alone run together - in far too long so it was a great way to start an otherwise boring Wednesday!
  • Wednesday Wish List - I really want to change up the blog a little bit so it looks more awesome like all of yours. Specifically, I want to add an awesome title Banner with pictures instead of just title but....I'm at a loss for the skill. Any suggestions?
  • I'm loving Dailymile and the fact that I can keep up with everybody and get new workout ideas. If we're not already friends on dailymile, fix it! (Jenn S.) 
Happy Running!

So many of you have been sick! Are you feeling better? REST & eat your veggies/fruits!!
Do you have a 4 legged friend? Will you loan/him or her out so I can cuddle?


  1. I always wonder if I blog too much? Lately its been nothing but cooking. I took a week off of running because of the bad weather we got and just started going back. I personally find my blog boring LOL.

    And dang you! You don't get up before 9?? I AM JEALOUS!

  2. Correction: I wake up @ 8 and lay in bed watching the crocodile hunter until 9 :)

    Your blog is NOT boring lately! I love the recipes you've been posting. I think the crockpot chilli is going to be the impetus for me to get a crockpot!

  3. Make your banner in "picnik" it's free and awesome and you can resize it to the size of your blog using a program....I forget what it is - just make your banner and then google "resize photo" and it will popup

    I blog too much, but I have the time right now. people read it so it must be ok? at least thats what I tell myself but who knows.

  4. I so do the same thing! As I run I try to think of funny quips and lines that I'll post in my blog. Then, when I get home I either don't do it or I've forgotten everything I wanted to say. I'm also with you on the banner - if you find any great resources on how to do it, let me know!

  5. oh my gosh...i'm craving a dog like none other TOO!!!! i am clearly obsessed!! haha. well, it looks like u've had quite a week, and great job on the long run!! :) ya, and the constant need to eat..well, it's just a sign of a runner. hey, gotta fuel the beast, right?!?!? ;) keep it up girl!

  6. You could totally borrow one of my dogs - I don't cuddle them ever. I guess I see what they roll in too much when they are out in the fields! (ewww!)

    You've been tagged!!!