Thursday, December 8, 2011

A call for advice and other things

Back at work after almost a week of laziness. After two weeks of being out of the office (finals, etc) it's weird being back, especially since things are exactly where I left them. Outside of work I'm making cookies and buying christmas presents and spending lots of time in the gym. At my desk I'm watching a tape from a sentencing hearing where a kid about a year older than me is getting sentenced to life in prison. Reality, man.
Sad reality face (and sad, bare office - yikes!)
Anyway.... I have a dilemma and I think I need your help. As I noted a couple of weeks back, I signed up for the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon. I'm ECSTATIC. 2012 is going to be an awesome year for me (25, graduating law school, taking/passing the bar, getting married) and I can't think of anything better to add than the KDF Mini. Or can I......

I kinda really wanna do the full marathon instead. I ran the Flying Pig in 2009 thinking it would be the only  time I'd ever run 26.2 and I was totally ok with that. Half of the time I didn't think I would even finish the training for the Marathon, let alone the Flying Pig. And then it was over. I finished, I was thrilled, I wore my medal everywhere and went happily back to Half Marathons (3 more) and smaller races. But now I feel like marathons are like potato chips - you can't do just one.

It's a nagging feeling - like I need to do something for me to put an exclamation point on 2012. J thinks that's kind of crazy, seeing as though I will become a Juris Doctor 2 weeks after the race, and maybe he's right. But there's still this pesky feeling....I blame all of you and your awesome stories about your recent races, training, and inspiration to be better runners and people. So lets break it down:

DO IT! Run the full 26.2 because

  • It's easy to switch, won't be a hassle at all
  • If I started now I'd have 22 to weeks to train and if I started Jan. 1st I'd still have 17 weeks to train
  • Don't have to worry about being gone for a week for spring break since I have a class
  • No high expectations - I'd be happy with just finishing. No pressure
  • I really want to prove to myself I can do it again (and do it with J by my side)
  • It would be my last big race with MY last name (don't know why that seems symbolic to me)
HOLD OFF! stick to the 13.1 because
  • It's 5 days after your final exam and 2 weeks before graduation - I'll be a little busy
  • Next semester I have the externship AND coordinating a HUGE project involving 140 people and 2 weeks that will eat up tons of time
  • My grapefruit knee - will it hold up? 
  • Paralyzing fear of failure - what if I can't do it? What if I can't train that hard, or miss workouts, or just can't do it? 

On this week's belated Wednesday Wish List: I wish I could make a decision!!

What factors do you consider when signing up for a race? What things make a race a definite YES or a definite NO for you?

Happy Running!


  1. I don't even have to think about this, definitely do it!!!! Definitely, definitely, definitely!!! First of all, once you get the idea in your head, it's unlikely you'll get it out! Second, I think law school, graduating, planning the wedding, taking the bar are all the more reasons to do it - it will be nice to have those long runs to get away from the stress and pressure with everything else and as long as you're scheduling your training in and managing your time, you'll definitely be able to do it! Yay, so excited (I'm already planning on you doing it :))!

  2. oh my - do it! you have plenty of time to train and the training will more than likely the stress relief you'll need during classes/finals/etc. Awesome!!!

  3. Oh do it! If your only goal is to finish smiling... DO IT! We're all cheering you on.

  4. Well, I think you guys helped me settle it - Marathon it is!!

  5. the last one of your negative list is a NON issue. you SO got this. and WILL do this. i have never known you to be a failure in any sense of the word and i hardly believe it will be any different now. OF COURSE i want to say GO FOR IT! i am tiny bit obsessed with marathons though ;) i totally understand the fear of the timing. my first turned out like that this past year. it fell just after a very stressful time at school and while it was the perfect reward to a stressful time, training started stressing me out as well. i think you need to go in with a healthy balance of mind and heart...what is best for both? if i decided to go against all of that and throw it all out the window. i would just say you can never go wrong with 26.2 :)