Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting Updates

Another weekend of ridiculousness - but I think it's slowing down now!

It has been a crazy combination of absolutely beautiful and absolutely gross here. Wednesday night definitely fell in the 'absolutely beautiful' category. I got home from my last class around 6 and it was almost 70 degrees. How can you not run?

I wanted to be pretty careful with this silly knee so I took some serious measures to avoid angering my IT Band. I did the Insanity® warmup (10 minutes of lighter cardio & stretching) and then foam rolled for a few minutes, focusing on the pressure points. I even wore my new IT Band strap the guys at the running store helped me pick out. I was ready. I picked up my Garmin to head out the door and...oops...dead battery.   I love seeing all of the metrics after a run and digitally see what I did. Oh well, I slapped on my dad's old Dakota digital watch so I'd know how long I ran, and headed out anyway.

I ran a route I'd never run before, on some streets I'd never run before. I ran on sidewalks, on running paths, and some sidewalks so covered with leaves and debris that they were basically trails. Did I mention that all of my law school research earned my a new Ipod shuffle? Boo-yah.

Simply put, it felt really really good. I also found out you can run from my house to either of the parks I love - they're both just a mile away. Got home and 'mapped my run' to discover I'd gone about 4.8 miles at an 11:22 pace. That was my pace for the Chicago Half! Pretty awesome news since I signed up for....

This will be my 3rd KDF Mini! SO EXCITED!
Thursday morning I got the reminder to register before the rates went up. I was whole-heartedly against running it since I'll have finals, then graduation etc. Randomly I checked the spring finals schedule to find out that my one final will be four solid days BEFORE the race. It was meant to be! I told J "I was thinking about maybe possibly running the Derby Mini" and I'll be damned - he got excited. I was fully prepared for him to be the voice of reason and talk me out of it, but pleasantly surprised he was on board.

So yeah, that's gonna happen.

Friday and Saturday I had to prove I'm ethically capable of sitting for the bar exam in the spring. It was about as exciting as it sounds (which isn't very exciting at all, if you're not into the whole sarcasm thing). The only workout I've managed to get in was a treadmill session involving ethics notecards. I may have only been pulling 16 min/miles, but with the incline on 4 and "talking" out notecards, I felt like I at least got something out of it.

Today has been all about catching up on work and lounging around. J's dad sent us a box of awesome German goodies and, though I'd resisted thus far, I've managed to put a sizable dent in that today. Oh well. Did I mention my Louisville Cardinals knocked off the #24 WVU Mountaineers?


Belated Wednesday Wish-list
J's mom asked for suggestions for Christmas this year. Since I'm apparently going to be doing some training this winter/spring, I'm adding this bad boy to the list.
Nike Women's Fanatic running jacket
I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Also - there's a pretty awesome giveaway over at Running Around My Kitchen. 3 days left to win a Tina Steinberg necklace - yes please!

Happy running!

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