Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back in action

I feel like a completely different person than I did this time last week. It's amazing what a difference 7 short days makes, but it's true. My efforts at rehabilitation paid off and Saturday morning I woke up feeling 100% again. I even slept until 9:30 - oops! - but managed to have a leisurely day with J and still get in my long run.
Checking off my long run
And yes, I proudly wore my Broncos gear all day Saturday. Football is such a cruel mistress, am I right?

I've pretty much resumed my normal activities this week. Last night I got in a great workout on the treadmill and trudged through three horrible games of volleyball. After we were finished I was oh so excited (read: not excited at all) to find a new achey spot in my knee. Good thing I've got my trusty ice pack to make it all better.....I hope. 

Today I decided to take my short, easy run outside to try out my new reebok wind jacket. It felt great to be off the treadmill, despite the chill in the air. I think I was going faster than my planned leisurely pace but lots of stops for traffic lights forced me to take lots of breaks.
On the bridge between KY & IN - failed attempt
to get the city in the background
An hour of yoga later and I'm whooped. Now for some quality time with Mr. Ice Pack & a bubble bath.

Wednesday Wish List
This week's wish centers around something I've ALWAYS wanted, but just didn't think I was built for: svelte, muscular arms. As a swimmer my upper body was always built a bit like a linebacker & being a bit chesty (Ok, more than a bit), I just didn't think It was possible. But in less than 9 months I will put on this:
So I'm adding strong sex arms to my wish list. Because when I slip on that wedding dress I want to look less like her
and more like her

Do you have any "trouble spots" that no amount of running seems to fix? 
How's the weather where you are?


  1. I do have the arms. And I hate them. I have had them since HS and nothing seems to make them go away. Guess I need to hit the weights huh?

  2. The weather here sucks, thanks very much! But running in the snow CAN be fun I guess. As for the arms, ya, I got no guns either. Even at my fittest and strongest, it takes some very specifically placed lighting to create just the right shadow to give the illusion of muscles...

  3. There's these easy little arm workouts called "muffin tops" and you basically take hand held weights and bend your elbows holding your hands in a curl position (so weights will be up near the shoulders" and remaining in that position bring your arms to your left, then right, then, left then right and then stretch your left arm over your head towards your right side....repeat and change stretch arm side :) hopefully that makes sense.

    another good one is just solid punches....even into the air...just make them strong :)

    and I can't WAIT for the wedding pics of you in that hot dress.

    and GREAT long run!!!

  4. Oh and all my weight goes to my stomach which is why I have to remain skinny....b/c it doesn't go anywhere else :( if it did I purposely gain weight to have breasts and a nice booty

  5. did you receive the water bottle? i hope you enjoy it. it's one of my favorite running things.

    1. I DID receive it and I love it! I have a big 16 oz hand-held but this fits so nice and snug in my hand. I've just added the R20 to my list of "must have running gear", I'm sold on fuel belt!