Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And then there was no coffee

I stumbled out of my nice warm bed this morning and into the freezing kitchen this morning to find this AHH!
Not having coffee is an apocalyptic event in my life. I hardly ever drank coffee before law school and now in my 3rd and final year I require a cup of hot strong java goodness before I can tie my own shoes. It's not the caffeine so much as it's the ritualistic aspect of waking up crusty-eyed and sore on any morning and feeling the sweet release of warmth from a big happy mug. Well, except for today obviously. Coffee is essential when you have a schedule like mine has been.

I'm happy that so much of my 'busy' has been fitness & food related. For starters, I'm in week 6 of my training plan and my long runs have been going GREAT. My weekly mileage, on the other hand, has been struggling. Looking at the schedule I noticed I haven't had a step down week yet, and I'm not due for one until Week 9. Lately my body has been telling me that maybe this is a mistake. I've decided this week I'm going to get my workouts in based on time rather than miles and see how I feel. Since I'm only about 1/3 of the way through, I'm going to focus on staying strong and healthy this week rather than logging every single mile. We'll see how this plan works!

In other news, I've been experimenting with new foods/recipes in an attempt to keep up with my raging appetite. I definitely spent twice my January grocery budget, but I justify it by feeding Josh too. Unfortunately, I haven't had as much luck in the "trying new things" category. Have you ever looked at a recipe and though "mmm YUM!" and then, upon taking a bite, though "uuuugh yuck!"? That happened to me with several things lately. Maybe my taste buds just aren't ready to surrender to some of these things. Then again, I don't know why I thought I'd just love recipes based on egg-whites and pumpkin when I don't really like egg whites or pumpkin. Oh well - I'll keep trying!

Wednesday Wish List
This week's wish list is simple: blog more! I've been (trying) to keep up with you all and had no time to update myself. This week, I'll be working to fix that. Thanks to Jen @ Running With the Girls I've been tagged in the 11 Random Things post that's been going around. What a great way to keep up this "wish". So stay tuned to 11 random things about yours truly!

Do you have any opinions about "step down" weeks? 
Have you ever tried a recipe that you thought would be awesome but turned out...not so awesome?


  1. bahaha. the coffee thing made me laugh. i like hated coffee until september 2011. now i literally have anxiety if i dont get my am coffee. well. i get anxiety anyway. but who knows what would happen if i didnt get the coffee on top of it ;) i hate that your schedule is so crazy right now friend. i was so glad to see the important things on there the LOU game! duh. haha.

    i DEFINITELY think step back weeks are important and often times it IS our body that lets us know when one is needed. I am still hoping to run the Derby full but know I am going to have to listen to my body constantly and really like what you said about running for time. i know i will be tempted to push too hard if i HAVE to run a certain number of my goal is simply to be able to work up to running 3hrs at a time by the race day.

    you are doing all the right things! keep it up friend!

  2. oh no no morning coffee! argh!!!

    and that schedule made me tired :( woah!!!! I think you're doing awesome and you are taking on so much, especially as a law student. Hang in there girl! You are great xoxo