Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Quarter Report

I can't figure out how it happened, but March has (almost) come and gone. Realizing that the first Quarter of 2012 had come and gone, I thought about the goals that I'd set only 3 short months ago.
Run a Marathon

- Derby Festival Marathon April 28 2012 - 29 days away! Registered and ready to go
- Create a training plan and post it on the fridge (DONE!)
   This has been a HUGE help! I see it every morning when I wake up (and every time I go to the fridge to get ice
- Find a running group/partner to complete long runs
     I've largely abandoned this one and for the long runs, I don't mind the long runs alone, and it would've made
     things more difficult. I HAVE been running with Josh during the week, so I'm counting that!
- Run at least one 20 miler
- Use the blog & daily mile to keep me accountable for my training
   I've made positive gains in this category, with room for improvement. I don't blog enough - which I hope will
   change the minute most of my major obligations drop off here in 2 weeks. Dailymile is a GREAT tool for this
   though, and I really think it's kept me on track!

Healthy Body for the Wedding
(Best way I could think of to say 'lose weight' without actually saying it)
- Maintain free lifetime Weight Watchers membership in 2012 
   Still free through March 2012 AND I've actually LOST more than 1/2lb for the first time in years. 
- Try new vegetables and recipes! Add good finds to the blog
   We've been trying new recipes for sure. I haven't had much of a chance to comment on or play with them, so
   this is one I want to keep working on
- Take stock of what I'm eating, how I feel, & how it effects me 
   Completed the 30 day food journal challenge in January and it was a GREAT start to this goal! I also
   (finally) broke down and saw the Gastroenterologist, so I think I'm on the right track here
- Continue my effort to take the word "Fat" out of my vocabulary
   Huge leaps! I don't know if it's the endorphins or just general joy of training, but my self-confidence has been
   great and my ability to deal with those feelings of self doubt have gotten better.

Keep the Apartment Clean
(this one is my adult goal, mostly because having a messy apartment stresses me out!)
- Start from a "clean" slate by floor to ceiling scrub down (Done!)
- Bi-weekly cleaning on Sundays   - needs improvement.... 
- Empty sink at night (no dirty dishes in the sink overnight!) - Room for work, but better than in 2011

Overall  - I'm happy with how things are going! I need to start setting some fitness goals for after the Derby Marathon in April. I'm really really really thinking Triathlon, but the lack of bike seems to make that difficult (but not impossible!).  

Bring it on, April! 

Do you keep track of your goals throughout your year? 
Are there any goals or resolutions that you've decided to abandon?

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