Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello there, August

Can you believe we've knocked out the first week of August? It seems like just yesterday we were ushering in June and now here we are saying goodbye to Summer. I'm not ready.

Pretty good week of training I think as I embark on my quest to do a century.

Monday -
Body Pump! I'm really liking that this is part of my schedule. I'd really like to focus on getting leaner and stronger. I upped my weights this week so I'm now basically lifting a chihuahua. Slow and steady, right?

Tuesday -
1.25 hours on the menu for after work. In all my Muncie training I hadn't done that long of a ride on a week night. I set out on the Seneca Bike loop around 6, hoping to miss the brunt of the traffic. I figured I'd ride the loop 3 or 4 times and see where I was. The loop itself starts from a park and residential area and goes around a small airport, then through a golf course. All in all I think it's about 3.5 miles. The first hill getting up to the loop is a bear though. It curves around near the top and I can't do anything but just spin in a low low gear. I beat it though, three times. Felt proud of that. There's a hill at the end too that's short but super steep. Definitely not reflected on my elevation map!

When I finished the third loop I decided to head home - the sky was looking pretty crazy. Sure enough, about 5 seconds after I got ghost in the door the sky just opened up and it was pouring. Perfect timing!

Wednesdays - 
I plan on running on Wednesdays, but this particular Wednesday it was a no go. I felt so crappy. My legs hurt, my body ached, I was tired. I think it was just the ravages of PMS (which are real, boys. Boy are they real), but it took a super hard toll. I worked a little later and then came home and totally crashed.

Thursday -
Thursday called for a 1.5 hour ride. I'm a little unsure of how I'm going to get these in, considering Thursday is also volleyball night. I decided to get on the trainer in the morning and do as much as I could, then hopefully get some more in later. I set the trainer up before I went to bed and stuck my water bottle in the fridge. I can't do it any other way. When my alarm went off at 5:45 I let the dog out and then got on the trainer basically in my sleep. I'm re-watching Homeland from the beginning. It's my "trainer thing" i guess. I love it. Turns out volleyball was smack in the middle of the evening so I never got the second half in. C'est la vie. Felt like I got in a good workout and some of the Wednesday Ick was gone.

Friday -
One thing I missed during Muncie training was Tennis! Hubz and I used to play several days a week but in the last year or two haven't played as much. Definitely during Muncie "Tennis" wasn't listed anywhere on my schedule so, we never played. Now we're hoping to play Friday afternoons. It's a lot of fun to come home and start the weekend off that way. I had a date with my mom at 7 so we only got to play a few games (of which I won, 4-2) but we still had a good time.
Painting Cards with my mom
Saturday - 
Luckily my friend and inspiration Jessie had an 'easy' 35 miler planned so I hopped on and did the Iroqouis special with her. For the first time, though, I met her at the starting point on Melwood about 4 miles from my house. This meant riding from my house to the start point alone. Eek. As you've noticed I"m not much of a solo rider due to my intense fear of flats/cars/potholes/LowSpeedFalls/etc. When I woke up it was super foggy. I wish I'd taken a pic - it was incredible! I clipped on my rear blinky light and set off into the fog! It wasn't bad at all really. It was a route I knew and it was dead quiet at 7:30 a.m.. I met up with Jessie and some of the speedier Landsharks and off we went. The fist 17 miles were a breeze. For the first time Jessie and I chatted and just pedaled away. I didn't even realize we'd gone that far! Overall it was a super speedy ride - only one 5 mile segment under 13 mph and that was the uphill in Iroquois. I was definitely sore after but it was super worth it.
Iroquois Park w/ my buddy Alex last week
Nothing feels better after a long effort than chocolate milk

Sunday - 
Today I was still a little sore so I decided to take it easy. Also, grapefruit knee has returned. I was wondering how long that would take given my uptake in cycling. Oh well. After a few hours at work I met my friend Emily and we took the beagle girls for a walk. An easy 2 miles (she'd already walked like 10!! Holy crap, she's amazing). It was a really great little walk. I love going on walks with her, especially with the beagles. It's my happy place.

The schedule for this week looks just about the same. Upping the biking mileage again. Also, why is fall so busy? Between football and work it's like every waking minute is spoken for. Gotta keep planning, waiting, and moving ahead. Eyes forward!

Happy Running!

How was your week?
Any recurring aches and pains? Can't get rid of this grapefruit knee for me. Ugh

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