Sunday, September 13, 2015

Looking for "It"

Well I missed last week's recap. I didn't miss it so much as I realized I had nothing worth posting about. This week was a little better.

Monday was a holiday so Hubz and I spent a lot of time together. I took Ellie for a walk in the evening to avoid total laziness status. It was pretty ridiculously hot too and she couldn't really run with me.

Tuesday I took Ghost out to brave the heat. We had a good ride and I felt like I was really going fast. Combination of hills and flats around the house and I just managed to get in before the sun started setting

Wednesday I felt terrible. I did not sleep at all Tuesday night and as the day went on I felt progressively worse. I'm pretty sure I had a fever but never felt like checking. I spent the afternoon and evening huddled up on the couch pushing fluids. I think this worked because luckily I felt a lot better by Thursday.

Thursday I'd planned to get in a ride or a run before volleyball but ended up staying late at work. Story of my life lately. Made it to our late volleyball match and worked up a decent sweat.

Friday was Hubz' turn to be sick so we opted out of Tennis. He got the fever, chills and headache I'd had Wednesday. We mostly sacked out on the couch and watched TV all night. Fine with me!

Saturday brought fall to the bluegrass. It was unusually chilly in the morning and gusty. After the football game (which we lost and I hated) I took a nap then headed out for a run. I ran 3.2 miles on my own then picked up Ellie for another 2 around the park. It felt great. I paced 11.24 min/mi for the run and only walked some of the third mile. I'm really glad I went out - though late - and got this in

Sunday I decided to ride. I went out before dinner and did 2 loops of the park. I made it my goal just to take it easy. I saw my pace was averaging around 13.9mph and chose not to care. I focused on relaxing and just enjoying myself. All in all i think it was a good ride

Relaxing is something i've been really struggling with lately. Work has been...horrible. I've been trying to figure out how to write on the topic because whenever I think about my life, and my work, lately I just get upset. We leave for London in 2 weeks and I'm hoping that will take some of the pressure off and add in some perspective. I'm really hoping to get in some good workouts next week. As my mood soured and my stress soared the one thing that was missing was exercise. I really want that to be a priority for next week. oh, and pictures :)

Happy Running!

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