Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hitting Re-Set

As a "Millennial" - someone growing up or coming of age at the turn of the new millennium - I learned early on that there is a surefire quick fix if you ever have a problem with something: reboot it. For people my age most problems can be solved with a simple Control - Alt - Delete. Unplug the damn thing, then plug it back in. 

While this only really works with electronics, i think its applicable to people too. 

Friday night I got back from a 2 week vacation. You read that right; two weeks. Hubz and I took an 11 day trip to London, England together. 11 days of eating what we wanted, sleeping as much as we wanted, spending time just the two of us, doing whatever we wanted in my favorite city in the world. It was heavenly. We walked (a lot. Seriously.) and we ate a lot of pub food. I drank my body weight in cider and ate copious amounts of good cadbury chocolate. To say it was "wonderful" doesn't seem to cut it. 

Before we left I was in a pretty weird place. At work I felt hopeless. I started getting panicky at night before work and having difficulty sleeping - something that hadn't truly been an issue since I started at my job. In particular the week before we left was really challenging. What frustrated me the most was that more than just being tired, more than being overworked, more than being stressed...I wasn't interested in the job. I found myself losing my patience with clients, getting annoyed with colleagues, snapping at everybody. Usually the love of the job, the deep connection with the work, can get you through the hard times. The last month that I've felt that way was the first time in three years that I have. It was unsettling. 

So I'd leave the office and come home and home life seemed just as tough. It drove me nuts that Hubz couldn't read my mind and tell instantly what was wrong. I felt on edge all the time and found myself getting angry with him easily. I spent a lot of days just being perpetually angry. 

And there wasn't a race to train for or an event to plan for. My workouts were getting sloppy and unplanned. There was no focus. And I was angry about that too. And feeling hopeless and lost. 

Suffice it to say the trip came at the right time. 

So I think now what I need is to re-set. I've put a lot of pressure on myself this year on a lot of different fronts. I've done a lot of great things. Sometimes that momentum can propel you into the next great thing. In my case, at this time, I think the speed of it all has left me a bit dizzy. So it's time to re-set, re-boot, and start again. 

So...what's next?
It's time to get back to basics. Right now I want to race and jump right into something. But I'm in this for the long haul, for a lifetime. I need to stop thinking that if I don't do another race right now I won't do another one. 

What I can do is take the last 2 months of 2015 and make them work for me. 
- I have about 10lbs left I'd like to lose. I'd settle for 6 of them. I will to be under 170 for Jan 1 2016
- I want to get stronger. I will go to weights class at least once a week through the end of the year. 
- I'll participate in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge again this year to further both of those goals
- I'll continue to plan my weekly meals and workouts 

So there we go. Reset. New goals to achieve. New things to do. Time to go to work. 

Happy Running!

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