Monday, February 27, 2012

Beat the Boring in the Pool

Anytime I post about swimming I almost always get three general answers:
1. I don't know how to swim
2. I don't cross train
3. It's so boring
For me, cross-training is a mandatory part of my training program and the only way I can really keep from being injured. Swimming is a natural part of my cross-training regimen since I grew up swimming competitively. But as to the 'boring' argument, well, I have to totally agree. Unlike running, swimming can only be social to a point. If you're a lap swimmer like me, there are no trees to look at, no roads to pass, just lap after lap staring at the same tiled floor. Bo-ring.

For me, swimming was missing one element essential to my workouts: Music.

After doing some research I found the Interval 4G by H20 Audio. According to the website,
"The Interval is the only waterproof iPod case designed just for swimmers! If you’re an iTunes user, there’s no better way to bring your own personal soundtrack into the pool. The waterproof case for the iPod shuffle 4th generation has integrated Surge 2G headphones and easily attaches to almost any swim goggle"
Lucky for me, Dana at H20Audio was gracious enough to let me try one to use with my Ipod Shuffle! The day it came in the mail I squealed I was so excited I danced. I was worried that it would be difficult to set up, but after only 20 minutes I was in the pool ready to go.
The Interval includes 5 sets of earbuds that you can play with to ensure you get the right fit. Once you affix the Interval to your favorite goggles, the earbuds fit snugly down into your ears and you're all set to rock out to your favorite music as you count the laps. Plain & Simple!

What I loved - 

  • It was beyond easy to set up! The instructions are written for normal non-technical human beings so they're really easy to understand
  • I never have to worry about my Ipod getting wet/ruined. The instructions suggest you test the Interval in water prior to using it in the pool. Once I did that and realized how solid the construction was, I don't have any worries about taking my Ipod underwater with me
  • Lots & lots of earbuds - while some regular earbud headphones only come with sm/md/lg, the Interval comes with 5 different sets. This means you have a ton of freedom in terms of finding the ones that fit best for you!
  • The sound quality is excellent. It's just as good (if not better) than my regular headphones
What I'm still working on - 
  • Finding the right size earbuds may take you some time. I've found that one ear-hole is smaller than the other, so it's been quite the Goldilocks experiment to find just the right sizes. Don't let it discourage you from continuing with some trial & error
  • I'm a fidgety person by nature, so I generally pull & tug at anything on my head/ears. Teaching myself to just leave the Interval alone is still a work in progress!
Overall, I really like this little device. This morning I felt stronger and more rhythmic in the pool with music to guide me. Just like my Ipod helps push me through the last few miles of a tough run, the Ipod+Interval combo gives me the extra oomph needed to gut out a tough pool workout. 

Wanna try out the interval? You can buy it with or without the Ipod Shuffle from They also have great waterproof gear for runners, including headphones and Ipod/Iphone cases. If they're anything like the Interval, you won't be disappointed. 

Happy Miles/Laps!

*Disclaimer: although I was provided the Interval to test the opinions are entirely my own. I was not endorsed in any way, I'm just providing my own humble opinion as to my own experiences with the product. 


  1. sweet! some day when i learn how to swim i will definitely have to try some of these. but right now swimming is anything but boring with my limbs flailing a 100 different ways ;) hope you are doing well dear friend!

  2. I miss swimming! I wish there was a pool nearby - after law school my first order of business is to find a masters program!