Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hitting Restart

This week marked the last week of Couch to 5K and the first week of training for the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. My midweek run was a little "ugh" but I'm really excited to be training again. I have a totally different feeling about this cycle than I did the doomed 2014 Flying Pig Half in May. So here's how it went:

This Week's Training:

Not Too Shabby!

Mon: 5 min warm up, 3 miles @ 11:52. First time doing 3 miles straight since April, I think!
Tues: Walk around the neighborhood with the pup. My calves were surprisingly sore and cramp
Weds: 5 min walk, 3 miles @ 11:08. Serious calf issues in this run and had to walk several times
Thur: Volleyball. Great workout this week - much more movement
Fri: Rest
Sat: 3 min walk, 4 miles (12:02, 11:48, 11:49, 11:04), followed by stretching & protein shake
Sun: Rest and a 1 mile walk 

Totals: 12.84 miles, 2:48:54, 1,441 Calories

This week's Nutrition:

Nutrition went mostly uncharted this week, i'm sad to say. I didn't even bother to step on the scale. It was the week we ladies loathe and my emotions were so off the wall that I knew I couldn't handle a weight gain. Sometimes, you have to know when to say when. I did switch my breakfast plans. I'm trying to go with a bigger breakfast and ensure that I"m taking most of my calories in the morning. Bigger breakfast and several healthy snacks in the afternoon with a lighter dinner. We'll see. I've been craving fruit. After we got back from our "long" run Saturday all I wanted in the world was Watermelon. I bought a half of one and cut it up. It's mostly water, right? Apples and Bananas are really hard for me to eat. They have all that fiber and nutrients and dense stuff that makes them really good for you. Watermelon is mostly water, right? We'll see how it goes!

Next Week
  • Real weekly training begins! I'm excited for my run tomorrow morning. While I'm "following" the training plan, I really want my body to guide me here - weekly mileage goals are just that; goals. 
  • Keep pushing the big breakfasts. I got some of my favorite cereal and fruit smoothie that I like in hopes of encouraging the trent. 
Hubz & I before our 4 miler on Saturday
What do you like to eat after you run? Do you crave anything?
Are you a big breakfast eater? Always been like that, or did you have to train yourself?

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