Sunday, August 17, 2014

The "Get to"

This week's training was the bright spot in my week. I've been really trying to psych myself up for my runs, to get excited about training. For awhile I think I'd really gotten myself in the mindset of "have" to run instead of "get to" run. I used to only run because it was the only way to eat and drink what I wanted to (see: college). Now, I'm not necessarily seeing any physical results of the running so I'm trying to make the runs their own ends. Profound, I know.  Lets talk about this week's runs

This Week's Training
Best Week yet

Mon: Walk 3 min, Run/Walk 5 min/3 Min 5 times for a total of 43 minutes. Didn't stretch
Tues: Took Ellie for a long walk around the park for 2 miles
Weds: 3 min walk then some running, did sets of 1/10 sprint/run/walk 4 times for 3.3 miles
Thurs: Tournament night so 3 matches - exhausted afterwards!!
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 miles @11:26 min/mi, negative split. Quick stretch and protein shake after
Sun: Rest

Overall Great week in training. I accidentally shorted myself Saturday and only did a 4 mile long run instead of 5. As it turned out, I didn't have enough time for another mile anyway, but I made up for it with a 2 mile walk that night. My back is a little sore today - whether that's from running or the house cleaning I did today I don't know. Mopping is a killer. Looking forward to continuing next week!

Totals: 14.69 miles, 2:53:07, 1,377 calories

This Week's Nutrition

The week's plan was to push a big breakfast. I had mixed results. Some days I was too full to eat lunch from just a cup of whole grain cereal. I'm just not sure my stomach is awake enough early to eat a big breakfast. Still stalled this week on the weight loss front - no progress. I've also been experiencing a lot of negative side effects of the gastroparesis. I'm starting to get super frustrated, but hopefully it will pass. Going to work this week on adding more watermelon in - though in smaller portions! I went a bit nuts after my run Wednesday and at like 16oz of it. My stomach wasn't thrilled.

Next Week

  • I'm looking forward to a little 'vacation' at work - all of the prosecutors go to their conference starting Wednesday so court dockets are light. I definitely need this reprieve from the constant stress that is my work life
  • Prosecutors conference means the hubby will be out of town for three days. That means that Ellie & I are all on our own. Am I a bad wife if I say i'm looking forward to some solo time with the pup? 
  • I'm going to keep pushing the "get to" - I want to take advantage of every opportunity to move, run, and improve myself. I'm lucky to be physically healthy and able to run. I'm not always great about remembering that!

Do you ever feel like you take running for granted?
How do you deal with plateaus in your nutrition or weight-loss journey?

Happy running!

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