Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Training Cycle Recap

The journey that began on August 10th finally ended up October 25th when I crossed the finish line of my 7th Half Marathon. This was the first race since the Chicago Half Marathon back in 2011 that I felt I had properly prepared for.

Our Training Plan Called for:

  • Long Run: 10 miles
  • Total Mileage: 194.4
  • 5k Race, 10k Race Planned

In the past Josh and I had been really good about getting in long runs. Admittedly, our long runs for the LSC Half Marathon last year didn't go very well at all. This cycle I wanted to run more during the week. Partly out of a need to keep a base, but also because I needed the break from work. In taking this on I was determined to make time for running outside of work. 

What we actually did:
According to Garmin, I logged 196.44 miles during training! That's amazing - it's more than my goal! Certainly having my new bike helped, but I had no idea it would be close let alone more. That's not to say I made all of my workouts, but It shows I did some.

Also, I significantly amped up my workouts in general. 

I'm really proud of how hard I worked. I think it showed in my results. Hasn't really shown up on the scale….but that's for another day. 

What's next? Good question! I think I'm going to "wing it" for the winter. We've got some good races planned throughout the winter and my training for the Muncie 70.3 begins March 20th. Between now and late February I want to focus on getting stronger and spending as much time in the saddle as possible. 

  • Two strength days per week
  • 3 Runs per week
  • 1 bike or swim day per week
I think that's going to be a good mix of challenging and restful. Also, I'm Signed up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge - are you? It's a GREAT way to motivate yourself to stay in shape for the winter and win great prizes. This will be my third year and I always look forward to it! With the new partnership between RunToTheFinish & Sweat Pink it's sure to be better than ever!
So get signed up!

How was your training this fall?

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