Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly Round-Up: Thanksgiving Edition

And what a week it's been!

Tuesday we left for Tennessee and Thankgiving with my in-laws. I k new I would at least be running on Thursday since my in-laws have really stuck to the Turkey Trot Tradition. One of the things they don't prep you for about being married is the blending of the families and holidays. Luckily for me I married in to an amazing family that has welcomed me with open arms. It's still sad to be away from my parents and grandmother for Thanksgiving, but getting to run the Turkey Trot with my in-laws helps fill the voids.

So here we have it:
Monday: 2 mile walk on the treadmill followed by the Monday Motivational Workout from the Holiday
               sweat challenge! It was brutal.
Tuesday: Rest/travel day
Wednesday: 1.71 mile walk around the neighborhood with the pup. Everybody needed to stretch!
Thursday: Turkey Trot! Finished the 5k in 30:15 which I think is faster than last year
Friday: 1.96 mile walk around the neighborhood, getting the pup ready for the day of travel
Saturday: Home Football game - I'm counting all of the walking and cheering as "activity" - Ha!
Sunday: 4.56 mile run around the park. Averaged 11:39 min/miles despite my walk breaks. It hurt.

I'm really proud of how I stayed active this week despite the travel. Lets face it, leisurely walks aren't exactly the height of my fitness goals, but they're better than nothing! I'm especially impressed considering this is what I was up against in Tennessee:
Thank goodness I had a turkey trot & an awesome hubby to keep my butt in gear.

This week the big focus is BREAKFAST. In particular, the Bonus points for the #HolidaySweatChallenge this week are for getting extra fruits/veggies. Keeping that in mind, I got all of the makings for smoothies today at the grocery. The goal is to wake up & get in the shower before Hubbz. Then I can let Ellie out etc. and make my smoothie while he's in the shower. This is a big change, but I'm hoping it makes an improvement in my overall feeling.

Fingers crossed- Happy Running!

Did you run a turkey trot? How do you avoid the holiday bulge?

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