Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Better Start

First brick workout of the cycle tonight!! 

But first, a recap of the first 1/2 of the week. Monday I missed body pump due to some work obligations. The work/home balance is constantly a struggle and it's never perfect. Hasn't been the last 2 years and it won't be for the next however many I'm there. If I'm at work too much I regret it, if I'm not at work enough I regret it. C'est la vie. So Monday was a real rest day. 

Tuesday I ran with some girls from work. I love running with them, even if they kick my butt. I love my co-workers and there's a special bond that comes from doing what we do. It's so nice to get out and do something that's not office related. They kicked my ass though. 

 Ellie definitely likes it when I'm home on time. 

Today was BEAUTIFUL! 75 and sunny and dry. Also, my triathlon club gear came in!!

I love it! I got a jersey and a tri kit. Wore the jersey & tri shorts for my ride tonight and changed into a regular shirt for the run. I did a 20 minute easy ride, mostly getting used to being on the bike. I definitely picked up some bad habits on the trainer! I did a quick "transition" and headed out for my short run. I felt really slow, like I was running in mud. My watch said I was pushing 10s though. Whaaaa? I'll take it!!

So the beautiful weather was short lived for now. The cold comes back this weekend. Looks like I might not be done with the trainer and the treadmill. 

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