Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 15 - Last Official Week of Training

Well it's officially race week, which means that training is 15/16ths over. Wow. How has it been that long? Week 15 was pretty difficult, lets look at it by the numbers...

31 Miles? That seems so low!

Best Workout of the Week
One of my work buddies, Rania, was dying to run after being out of town for two weeks. The Tuesday Swim has been a real bear to get in so lately I've just been skipping it. I can gut through 1.2 miles, lets be real here. So I'm going to stop apologizing to the Ironman Gods for not getting that in. Ok, there I said it. 

SO as I was getting changed to run after work I was greeted with this:

Suffice it to say, I lost my shit. I should remind you that I"m using my 405cx instead of my fancy new triathlon watch because it decided to die after the DerbyFestival Half in April. Now, my (replacement) 405cx is toast. I almost went incredible hulk on my office. Instead, I posted passive aggressive sarcasm on Facebook. #Millennial #WhatElseWasISupposedToDo?

Anyway Rania and I went out on the waterfront. I'd really only planned on going about 30 minutes but we just kept chatting and running and made it down about 35-40 before we turned around. It was super humid but not too hot. We took several walk breaks but the pace was still pretty good. I was definitely sore Wednesday

Best Meal of the Week
All I really remember about this week's food is that I was not very regimented about it. Honestly I'm still craving these egg sandwiches on english muffins. Trader Joe's multigrain British muffins are for real. And watermelon. Lots and lots of watermelon. 

This is a four day weekend for me - THANK GOD. I took tomorrow off since my sis in law and nephew are headed up for a few days. Friday we honored our annual tradition by heading out to a local distillery. If you're ever in Kentucky you really do need to do a couple distillery tours. This year's was Four Roses and we had a blast! Well, except for the extreme downpour we got caught in on our way back to the tasting room. Oh well, Bourbon fixes everything.
The whole distillery is Spanish Mission Style

Last night we went out to the Louisville City Football Club game. It was my first and I'm hopefully we'll make a lot more - it was SO much fun! Baseball is just way too slow for me and there was so much excitement and craziness at Slugger Field. Luckily I didn't doom the home team with my presence - we won 3-0!
I do occasionally wear regular clothes and do my hair. Occasionally. 
Happy Running!

Do anything fun for the holiday?
How much time do you take to taper? I feel like my plan has me going all out forever!

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