Sunday, January 10, 2016

Starting Off Right (Weekly Recap)

Happy 2016 indeed!

First week of 2016 and first week of a new training plan for my spring races. Altogether I think things went pretty well.

Best Workout of the Week
This new training schedule is gonna take some getting used to. I liked my Iron Fit plan and it's Monday/Friday off-day scheme. That really seemed to work and keep me rested after harder workouts. This plan has me resting Tuesday, Thursday & (sort of) Sunday. The best workout was probably Wednesday's run with the work girls. Rania was feeling crappy so Emily and I headed out together. She was totally sandbagging, talking about how she hadn't run in awhile yada yada yada. She smoked me! She was really moving, but I kept up just fine. I like running with her and with Rania. It's really nice to run with someone else and it's great to get to chat with ladies I like so much. 

Best Meal of the Week
We had a lot of pretty normal meals this week. Friday night we had drinks at a new(ish) restaurant in town called "Le Moo". There was a cow theme which I loved. Neither one of us were super hungry - having each eaten out for lunch - so we went for appetizers. We had Prince Edward Island Mussels steamed in white wine and sriracha and double "dunked" fries with a ranch and sriracha ketchup. Wow. SO good. I love mussels and these didn't disappoint. They were a bit spicy but great otherwise. Plus some good local bread for sopping up the rest of the broth. 

I also had their variation of a Moscow mule. Yum.

I also happened to lose almost 2 lbs this week - Huzzah! Now granted it was probably just christmas weight BUT loss is loss is loss and I'm happy about it. 

Next Week
Here's what I'm gonna eat for the week

I'm hoping to get in three runs and a swim. I did really well last week with snacking and work candy - a trend I'd really like to keep up. Discipline and lots and lots of tea seem to be the trick! 

Time to get to it.

Happy Running!

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