Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow for Days (Weekly Recap)

Well, this week was anything but predictable.

Snow on Wednesday (yuck)...snow day on Friday...Broncos win the AFC championship!

So on the whole, not bad little surprises.

Totals: 3:35 hours, 26.9 miles, 2,174 calories

So while the quality of some of my workouts went down, I managed to keep the overall workout time about the same. 

Best Workout
The snow really put a wrench in most of my plans for the week. Monday it was bitterly cold and, since I was off in observance of MLK day, I hit the treadmill. It wasn't very exciting but "Making a Murder" definitely helped pass the time. Tuesday was a nice rest day and I definitely felt like my body needed it. By Wednesday I was ready to run again but it was snow and ice outside. So I opted for the trainer and thought maybe Thursday would be better. Thursday was super cold again and we were prepping for a huge snowstorm. Knowing we'd be inside for the weekend I opted to take Ellie for a snowy walk and I'm glad I did. Friday was probably the best workout of the week with a "long" trainer ride. I can't believe 45 minutes seems long but it sure did! My "Long" 5 miler on Saturday was  dreadful on the indoor treadmill at a crowded Y. I got there late and I was kind of grumpy about it but I'm super proud of myself for getting it done. 

Best Meal 
Tonight we had "homemade" pizza (meaning I bought a pre-made crust and put it all together). It was actually really tasty. Friday night we had pancakes and sausage and that, actually, was probably the best thing I made all week. Super boring on the food front but I"m trying to keep it boring and predictable! The real win was last night: I was on my way home from the Landshark Kickoff event and was able to bring Hubz dinner. He asked for McDonalds and, since I hadn't had dessert, I figured I could get a McFlurry. This would make 2 McFlurries in just about a week. Oh my. I pulled up to the drive through and, to my surprise, their ice cream maker was out. A sign from god if there ever was one! I had yogurt instead and it was (almost) as satisfying. 

No meal prep this week - I'm living dangerously! Hopefully I'll have a mid-week update to fill you in on everything but for now - Downton Abby and my true splurge....a Diet Coke. Oh lord, being an adult is hilarious. 

Happy Running!

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