Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wonderful Weather (Weekly Recap)

No, I didn't run off and completely forget about my blog (Again). Last Sunday night I got to hang out with a very cool 8 year old all night so I didn't have a chance to blog. Not much was missed, however, and I'm back at it tonight. How was last week? Well, lets see:

Favorite Run of the Week
Yesterday's long run was a pretty good one. Rania came over and we ran from here. It was pretty chilly to start off but it was bright and sunny which made things go a little better. Rania was booking it through most of the run. Particularly the last little bit. My average pace for last week's 7 miler was about 13 min/miles. Yesterday it was 12:10s. So yeah, she's speedy. My legs were definitely a little sore last night. Today we took advantage of the near 70 degree temps and took the pup to the park. She went berserk. So many people and so many dogs out! Once we got home I laid on the couch for awhile but then, almost based solely on boredom, headed out for another 3 miles. It was nice catching up on some podcasts but my legs are definitely feeling it.

I was pretty bummed to miss my Wednesday run. I had my bag all packed to go to the YMCA but forgot a sports bra. Doh. Pretty much the only thing I can't run without. Hubz had a good idea and recommended I keep a sports bra and socks at the office. Those are, obviously, my two most often forgotten things. He's so smart.

Best Meal 
I generally ate pretty good last week. Tonight I made a good salmon meal with a dijon glaze. It honestly had a little too much sugar for my liking (what???). But still, very very yummy.

This week I'm meeting with a nutritionist from a fitness place loved by my Tri team. She was really nice on the phone and seemed to understand what I'm looking for. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Next Week
- I'm excited to meet with the nutritionist on Thursday! She wants to look at my meal planning and my fitness pal so I have a feeling I"ll actually be eating well
- I really want to get in my 2 weekday runs this week

Happy Running!

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