Monday, February 15, 2016

Can winter be over now? (Weekly Recap)

Another dump of snow here in the bluegrass and we're finally up to "normal" snowfall for the winter. Remember how it was 65 pretty much all of December? Yeah, me neither. It was a cold weekend. I mean cold cold. It started snowing yesterday morning and they were saying we'd get 3 inches. Sure enough, there's snow on the sidewalks and slush in the roads today. Yesterday the high was 23. Today it's 43. Oh, Kentucky. So what'd that mean for my workouts? Well lets check it out
Totals: 26.94 miles, 3:08 hours, 2,212 calories
 I can't quite recall why I didn't make it to the gym on Monday. I want to say it had something to do with the cold. I opted to take Tuesday off as planned to keep the schedule on track. By Wednesday I was in that weird zone where I'd taken three days off in a row and felt (1) lazy and (2) inert, like I had no momentum to go work out. I did haul my cookies to the gym though and I"m glad I did. I did 3 miles of running with a few short walk breaks.

Best Workout of the Week
Probably my long run on Saturday. I wasn't excited about another long run on the treadmill. Anything over an hour on the treadmill just feels gross. I slept in a little bit and then got my butt to the YMCA. Luckily it wasn't too packed, despite the bad weather. I did my regular 4:1 run: walk interval. I had to do some fuzzy math when I accidentally stopped the machine (Stupid Ipad....falling...oops) around 41 minutes in. I think I got it right though. Overall I kept the same pace I'd kept outside with Rania a few weeks ago. I'm happy with that. Being inside also meant I took a good 15 minutes to stretch out afterwards. Definitely needed.

Best Meal of the Week
We had a lot of good eats this week. I didn't do a lot of cooking and it was actually nice. I'd planned to make this special pasta dish one night but it has several components and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I still  basically kept to my meal plan. We went to one of my favorite fancy restaurants on Saturday for Valentines day. My meal wasn't great overall but I still LOVE the pasta. And it was free because of gift cards so even better. Last night I finally made the rigatoni and pea pasta I'd planned to make during the week. Hubz goes BONKERS for this stuff. It's at the bottom of the NomNomNom tab and is well worth it. Unless you don't like nutmeg, then maybe skip this one.
Next Week
Updating from the office (Sorry boss) so I don't have my meal plan but I'll tag that later. Here's what's on deck for this week:
  • Three runs, 1 bike, 1 yoga/stretching/etc. 
  • Get sweets back under control - no candy during the week
  • Water, water, water
Also - time to say congratulations to the Superbowl 50 winning Denver Broncos!! Our house was happy

Happy Running!


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