Sunday, February 7, 2016

Base building in action (Weekly Recap)

This week was a considerable improvement from the last. I seem to have (pretty much) kicked the cold that sidelined me and I had a ridiculously easy week at work. Part of me feels guilty but then I recognize that most weeks aren't like that. I deserve to have it easy every once in awhile. So I enjoyed it.

Best Workout
I had a couple of really good workouts this week. Wednesday Rania wasn't feeling well so I headed to Cherokee on my own. I decided to do some hill repeats on a 1/4 mile hill in the park. I warmed up with a mile and then pushed the pace up the hill with a rest going down. My paces weren't as good as they were when I did the same workout last July but they were still pretty good. I'm excited to keep doing this workout and see how the paces change as I improve my fitness.

Saturday Rania and I met up at the Parklands - my fave - for my long run. She hadn't run this distance in awhile but still did really well. We kept to my 4:1 run:walk and had success with it. I'm really glad I've embraced the Run:Walk Method. I am so much fresher after my long runs and don't have the same aches and pains. It's a bit of an ego check, but I'm getting used to it. We had some interesting elevation changes and had to power up some hills but overall it was a really great run.

Best Meal 
Aside from my no-sweets experiment this week was pretty dull on the food front. Monday we had one of my favorite Trader Joe's meals, a kung pao chicken that is de-lish. Pretty much run-of-the-mill otherwise.

Next Week:

  • Continue with the no-sweets trend
  • Three runs & at least one bike
  • Water, water, water

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