Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Today is Tuesday (and other obvious things)

I totally missed the weekly recap last week.


The Weekly Recap is basically all I can muster on this blog lately so its sad that I couldn't sit my butt down and get it done. Two reasons for this: (1) I just didn't feel like leaving the couch and (2) last week was a total dud.

Tuesday I worked late and took my rest day as expected. Wednesday I just felt awful. I was coughing up a storm and had a horrible headache. I took some cough meds and by Thursday morning felt worse. The cough meds - though super effective on my cough - make my stomach feel absolutely puke-able. By Thursday I was on sudafed to help clear up my ears and sinuses. Stayed on that through Friday and just decided not to push it. I probably would've gone out with the running group Saturday but for having to work (ugh, the worst). I did manage to get a nap in AND take Ellie for a nice long walk. It was 65 and sunny so it would've been blasphemy not to get outside. Sunday I enjoyed a law and order marathon from the bike trainer. I think the battery in my cadence sensor is dead so my speed isn't accurate, but it felt close based on my effort.
I also wasn't really eating all that well last week. If you'll recall I didn't plan through my meals Sunday and it really bit me in the ass. Duly noted, universe. I did manage to drink a lot of water - I mean a LOT of water - all week and I definitely think that helped speed my recovery.
Sunday night I cooked a nice light dinner of crab cakes and vegetable risotto. I also made some clean eating Banana Muffins. They're surprisingly good. Of course I added a few chocolate chips because I can't help myself.

So this week I'm trying something a little different; I'm going to eliminate sweets from my diet for the next 7 days (Well, 6 days now). I've been wanting to do this for awhile but never really had the will power. Sunday night, while lost in the bottom of a pint of ben and jerry's, I just decided to do it. I've tried moderation and "healthy" sweets but I think I'm the kind of person that just needs to go cold turkey. I'm hoping that a week off of the sugar will help my palate adjust. My goal is that after the 7th day I will: (1) crave sweets less (2) be more satisfied with sweets less often (3) want to go longer than 7 days

So we'll see. Day 1 was pretty good. It was hard during the day at work with all of the candy that hangs around the office. I had a lighter day so I was at my desk a lot and found myself wanting to graze my way through the office. But I didn't. So score one for will-power.

How will day 2 go? I'll let you know tomorrow.

Happy Running!

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