Sunday, June 5, 2016

A++ (Weekly Recap)

This was my first perfect week. Perfect+ in fact. I definitely felt it by the end of the week but I'm pretty proud of myself for making it work this week. So what'd it look like? Sha-bam:

Best Workout of the Week
Hands down the best workout of the week was my Monday ride. It was memorial day so I met up with the Landshark group  for a ride. I quickly realized they were all going to be super far ahead of me. However, I've ridden that route several times so I was ok by myself. Well, I got ok being by myself. It's a flat out and back along the river. I wasn't really trying to push the pace but I ended up having my fastest ride yet. Looking back, I think this definitely effected me later in the week.

The rest of the workouts throughout the week were all great. My Thursday swim was a little rough to start but felt good by the end.

The weekend long stuff was pretty tough. My run yesterday pretty much sucked. It was humid, my stomach was all 'ugh' and I ended up walking about half of it. Oh well. Time 'moving' is better than nothing. Needless to say my legs were still pretty sore today so I decided to focus on cadence on today's ride. I met up with the Landshark ride but did my own thing. I kept it in low gear with a focus on spinning. I think this really helped because I had some left in the tank at the end. I definitely wasn't as sore afterwards.

Best Meal of the Week
Pretty normal on the food front. My only mishap was that when I packed for swimming Thursday morning I forgot my lunch. So Thursday I had Jimmy Johns and ate my Thursday lunch for Friday. I actually kinda liked that. It felt like a treat getting to eat out in the middle of the week!

The Hubz is out of town this week so it's just me and Ellie Dog. I bought some chicken breasts and some veggies for later in the week. Tomorrow night I'm taking my Grandma out for dinner. Nothing formal in place - just trying to eat simple and easy.

No goals for this week - just trying to keep with the flow!

Happy Running!

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