Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Checking in (Weekly Recap)

Well a summer cold and a busy week had me kind of falling off the radar. I had two Mondays off in a row which meant my usual Sunday night blogging was reserved for drinking beer and watching old episodes of Law and Order. So yeah, as you can see I was a little busy. Anyway, the last two weeks look kind of odd:

June 6- June 12

This was week 6 of 8 in my base building phase. It went pretty well. Missed a swim but no big deal. Had Monday off so I took Ellie to one of our parks for some trail hiking. Hubz was out of town so my schedule was a little bit more constricted but I'm happy with how I worked things in.

Saturday I went on a much longer ride than scheduled. I opted to go out with my friends Jessie and Emma and hang with them on my regular Iroquois loop. I knew it would be a challenge and it didn't disappoint. Luckily it's a pretty flat route but it was hot. It was in the 80s at 9am. That's how hot it was. There's a turnaround point where the others went up into the park and I stopped and got water and stretched. I'm really glad that I did. I think I was a little under-prepared for the distance - I didn't bring any food and only brought one bottle of water (and no electrolytes). Luckily I had the foresight to take some salt before I went out and I think that helped me coast into the driveway at the end.

When I got home from my ride I immediately hopped in an ice bath. Not only was I super over heated but I knew my legs would be sore otherwise. The ice baths are really helpful for me - I find I'm a lot less sore the next day and I think it helps bring my core temp down quicker. The hardest part is honestly putting on a sweatshirt and a hat while I'm sweating like a wildabeest. Sitting in the icy water is really simple - ha!
That afternoon I was a worthless bum. I could feel myself starting to get sick. Scratchy throat, drainage, body aching. I basically laid on the couch and didn't move the rest of the day.

Sunday's run was...awful. I ran the first 2 miles or so and then walked the rest. I figured it was more important to get "time on my feet" than to kill myself. Especially since I didn't feel well. The "sick" feeling is something that carried over into the next week...

June 13 - June 19

As you can see there was a huge drop off this week. I felt pretty crappy most of the week. Add to that my car dying and being without a vehicle for three days and I pretty much gave up. I had a race Sunday - Tri Louisville - and I think I was super conservative about training leading up to it. Since I'd been sick and was still pretty early in my training phase I figured I'd just hold back, hydrate, and save it for Sunday.

Ultimately I'm glad I did. I hope to have a race report up for Tri Louisville before the end of the week but it went really well. It was a good confidence booster. It's hard to compare where I was at this point last year but so far I'm feeling good. My sister in law and her kids are coming up this weekend so it's going to be tough to get in my long workouts but hopefully I can sneak away for an hour early both mornings.

Challenges for the Week
 - Get back on track!
- Post Tri Louisville Race Recap

Happy Running!


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