Sunday, September 14, 2014

End of Summer Excitement (with pictures!)

A lot has been happening around here that has kept me off the blog. Rest assured, it's (almost) all good stuff.

Firstly, we went on vacation! First vacation since last September and it was long overdue. While training was going really well the stress of work was really getting to me. I could tell a difference in my body - and my brain - and the vacation was mandatory.

We spent a whole week in San Francisco. Neither Josh nor I had ever been and it was a BLAST. After the 90 degree temps and high humidity here in Louisville 70's with low humidity was a welcomed change.

Can I go back now, please?
It was a ridiculous mix between exhausting and relaxing. The second day we were there we walked 14 miles. And that's according to my fitbit, so I know it's a little bit off. Labor Day we rented bikes and trekked across the Golden Gate Bridge into Salsalito. It was phenomenal. First time I had been on a bike in ages so It was a little perilous. However, we managed to get up - and down - all of the hills and across the bridge no problem. It was a lot of fun!
8.1 miles to Salsalito

All in all it was an amazing trip - and the best thing is, we didn't lose any fitness! We went for a 3 mile run along the shore Thursday before a whole day of travel.

Not too bad for vacation!

Things have settled down since we got back. Back to work and back to the routine. First thing on my list was to get up and go for a RUN Sunday. We were a little off the training calendar but I owed myself a 5k at race pace which I nailed. Then back into the rhythm of the training!

This Week's Training

Seems a little sparse when you look at it this way

Monday: 3.50 miles, including warm up walk, at average pace 11:26 min/mile. Ellie walk in the    afternoon
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: 7.16 miles with the girls
Thursday: Volleyball - 3 matches, high intensity
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 mile run @ 12:27 min/miles
Sunday: Rest

As I was getting dressed in my office on Wednesday I heard the girls in my office getting ready to leave for theirs. They're training for the full Marathon in Chicago in early October. They said they were doing 8 so I figured I'd tag along for the four I had planned. Garmin crapped out almost immediately and, to be honest, it felt GREAT. I loved running with them and talking and being part of the 'team', so I just kept going. And going….and going. 7 miles later we rolled back into the office on very tired legs. I"m super proud of myself for doing it, but I think I definitely set myself back for our long run Saturday. Come saturday my legs were super stiff and my feet hurt. I've been religious about the compression socks, hydration and stretching so hopefully this week is a restart for my body.

Totals: 19.06 miles, 2:13:25 hours, 1,381 calories

What's up for next week?
BIG THINGS! Probably even necessitating another blog post…

Stay Tuned!

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