Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Roundup

Another good week in the books. The first three days of the week were three of my favorite work days of the year. It was the "judicial college", which meant that 10 of the 23 judges I'm in front of were gone and courts were restricted. It was absolutely lovely. I didn't even have court Wednesday. Of course, Thursday & Friday more than made up for all of the work but, oh well.

This Week's Training
Mon: 3.65 miles @ 11:32 min/miles
Tue: 1,500 yard swim - swam the first 1,200 without stopping followed by kick and sight drills
Wed: 5.25 miles @ 11:51, a modified tempo run. Best run of the week by far
Thur: Volleyball night - sorest night of the week. No jumps and no arm strength
Fri: Rest day & a wedding!
Sat: 7 Miles @ 11:50 - TOUGH run, hot and humid
Sun: 2.2 mile walk with my mom through the neighborhood

All in all a great week in training! Worked in a swim - which went REALLY well - and got some really good runs. Also - I took an ice bath after the 7 miler and it felt great. I put on several layers, jumped in the cold tub and dumped ice over my legs. I feel great today and I'm convinced it's because of the ice bath.  Overall, I'm super happy with how things are going at this point. My Saturday runs continue to feel…well…crappy. Not entirely sure why other than I guess they're supposed to feel crappy. Hoping to get back in the pool this week!

Total: 19.18 Miles, 4:17:36, 2,135 calories
Rockin' that flying pig headband in the ice bath

This Week's Nutrition:

I've really hit a wall with my nutrition. I've been super dedicated to packing my lunch and keeping out of the candy bowl at work. Still haven't seen any results in either my activity level or my weight. I'm pretty proud of myself for my choices at the wedding Friday - water to drink, one plate of food and no cake. That's damn near perfect as far as I'm concerned. This week I want to work on limiting sweets and drinking more water. Lets see how this goes….

Next Week:

  • Work is ramping back up so I want to keep the momentum I've built going forward
  • BLOG - I have some new updates to share so I want to get them out there
  • Limit sweets - i.e. no dipping into the co-worker's reese's bowl (damn him!)
Do your co-workers keep candy in their offices? How do you stay away from work temptations?
How do you deal with balancing work and running?

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