Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap up - Where is fall?

Today was another 'scorcher' - high of 82 with 42% humidity. Definitely better than last week. Still, it's officially fall now and while I'm not ready for pants and sweatshirts all of the time, I'm certainly ready for long sleeves!

This Week's Training

Mon: 3.4 miles with Ellie, which meant it was basically a fartlek run
Tue: 1500 pool swim, "Easy Dozen" workout
Wed: Rest
Thur: Volleyball
Fri: 6 miles on the bike
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8 miles @ 12:10 pace

See all of that rest in there? I'm not super happy about it, but at the end of the day it's what my body needed. Wednesday I packed my bag up for a good run downtown. I realized about an hour  before my run that I didn't bring a sports bra. It seemed like a sign from the God's that a run wasn't in the cards for me. I'd had some nagging pain in my left shin and knee that was really freaking me out. That, coupled with a mounting "to do" pile at work allowed me to say, "No, i need the rest". I ended up staying late at work and getting through the mountain of undone motions, notes, and briefs so that I could come home with less stress and anxiety. Sometimes, things really do work out the way their supposed to.

We had to move our long run since we had a football game yesterday. I actually liked running today better than on Saturdays. Felt more restful and relaxing afterward. We slowed down considerably today but I think it actually worked out well. I also fiddled with my nutrition a little bit: I took 2 gatorade chomps and added some electrolyte powder to my handheld. No side stitches! The gatorade chomps actually went down relatively well and didn't cause my stomach any problems. Afterwards I soaked in the ice bath again for about 15 minutes. I'm an ice bath convert now. It really does help take away the initial soreness and I'm confident I'll feel better tomorrow than I would have otherwise.

Totals: 18.39 miles, 3:29:48, 2, 594 calories
This Week's Nutrition
Not really sure where I stand on this anymore. I gained back what I'd lost last week and I'm taking it relatively hard. I'm going to add body measurements into my routine instead of just the scale. If i'm working out as much as I am and continuing to increase that, then I may not actually "lose" weight in the traditional sense. Measurements will help me see actual tangible changes in my body that a number wouldn't show. Otherwise, I was great with my goal of "No Work Candy" and managed to sneak in only a piece or two the whole week. I need to focus on HYDRATION while at work. I find myself getting super dehydrated if I'm not careful, and then it's just a downward spiral to my workout.

I did splurge and get some froyo today after a trip to my parents house. I declined sweets the whole rest of the weekend for this treat, so I think I earned it =D

Next Week:
- BLOG! Should have one on deck…stay tuned :P
- Keep up the chocolate crack down
- More bike time
- Make up that Wednesday Work out
-More pics

To everyone who raced this weekend - Way to go!!

Happy Running!

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?
Have you ever dealt with a weight plateau? How did you overcome it?

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