Sunday, May 22, 2016

At long last, sunshine! (Weekly Recap)

All at once a long rainy week is forgotten after an active, warm and sunny Sunday. This week was killer. I knew it would be and I planned wisely. I shifted some things around and, despite the crazy schedule, I managed only to really miss one workout. Lets see what it looked like:

Best Workout of the Week
Monday's run was actually really good. I finally got some new shoes! In updating the Adrenaline I've read that Brooks went back to their traditional sizing. Hopefully this means the things I disliked about the 15s but LOVED in the 13 and 14 are back in my new 16s.
So I ran Monday since I figured Tuesday would be too hectic to get in a morning and afternoon workout. The swim Tuesday was really good too! Got to the pool on time, no wait for a lane, and got out looking decent for a big day in court. That's basically a home run in my life.

I was forced inside Saturday for my ride. It was uncanny actually; I was getting my stuff together to suck it up and ride outside and boom, torrential downpour. I'd kept Ghost on the trainer downstairs just in case this happened. I also DVR'd some good old school Law & Order episodes for the occasion. My bum was definitely sore from Friday night's trainer ride. I managed to get an hour in the saddle without much complaint. I also managed to push a steady 15mph for the ride - woohoo! Bonus Points: getting in my rides (Even if on the trainer) was one of my goals for this week - double woohoo!

Today I ran this morning and then tried something new. Rania has been hyping this yoga class she's been going to for awhile. She insisted on paying me back for a sports bra I gave her (Moving Comfort y'all - I'm telling you, your girls have never felt better!) so she treated me to today's Power Hour. One thing I knew going in was that it was hot yoga. The website gently cautions, "Be aware, the room is heated at all times between 95 and 100 degrees." WTF. That's really hot. I couldn't decide what to wear so I just wore what I had on from my run - some running shorts and a my favorite looser fitting tank top. I also had on my moving comfort (Juno) so the girls were totally strapped in for this experience. The studio was adorable and perfect. No frills, just a big space with soft matted floors, adjustable lighting and mirrors. We got there early so I could get registered and then spent about 10 minutes acclimating to the heat. Good.Lord. Once the class started I was pleased that I knew the basic poses and could follow along pretty well. I'm definitely out of practice but it wasn't killer. Well that is until some sort of internal faucet just turned on. I was sweating SO much!! I had to sit back and wipe my face and my hands. Then within 10 seconds my hands would be so sweaty they couldn't grip the mat!! We went through I think 3 different sets of vinyasa (yoga for 'flow' - a set of coordinated poses you do multiple times through timed to your breath). By the end I was basically a puddle of sweat held together by bones and some fat. As I lay in corpse pose my stomach gurgled and growled.

Overall assessment? It was awesome!

There's something about the heat that really gets it all out of you. You can get into all of the poses pretty easily because your muscles are so loose. I told Rania that my body was so compliant because it realized we were going to die and just stopped caring. I stand by that.

I definitely want to go back. I don't know how I'd work it in to my schedule. Sundays will soon get difficult because my running miles will be up. But there's something about Sundays that make for great yoga - a time to recharge and relax and gear up for the week ahead.

Best Meal of the Week
Can we start with the worst meal of the week? Thursday night I was in a foul mood. The week was abysmal up to that point and I was like a toddler: angry, sad, hungry, and just not having any of it. Also Hubz had a big case of the Manitis (the disease men get when they can't handle a damn head cold and act like small children suffering from amputation). So yeah. I can't remember what was on the menu for dinner but I didn't want to cook. I wanted pizza. However, I didn't want to decide what to have so we had chinese. It was awful. I mean it tasted ok but the minute i put my fork down I hated myself. So if I was looking for an opportunity to spiral further down the abyss of sadness and anger I'd been simmering in all day - DING DING DING! Seriously. I wanted to just hit reverse and take that meal back in it's entirety.

I tried to do better the rest of the week. Bonus Points: I managed to keep my weekday eating (Except for Thursday) pretty healthy and snacked consistently and healthily. However, things with my nutrition coach aren't going well. I go in Thursday for my last check in. At my last check in (10 weeks in) I'd lost zero pounds and none of my measurements had changed. Like none. Some small loss in my right quad. So there's that. I knew 6 weeks in I wasn't making progress. So suffice it to say that the Nutrition Coach hasn't really looked like a motivational asset to me lately. I've been operating largely under the 'who gives a F#@&?' theory.

Tonight we had chicken kebabs on the grill with veggies. I've got some good tried and true recipes this week that I think will help keep me happy. I have a work wedding to go to next weekend. I'm dreading it. I'm actually looking forward to the wedding. What I'm NOT looking forward to is having to go through the 2 hours of self loathing and awful that come with trying on every dress in my closet until I find something that I can actually zip up. I hope sitting down isn't a requirement at this thing.

Here's what we're eating this week:

Challenges for Next Week:
- Cut out the sweets. At work, at home, everywhere. Dessert is for the weekends only
- Get in ALL rides this week. Hop on the trainer Wednesday morning if need be

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