Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 1 Fun (Weekly Recap)

So we're officially back in training! I'm happy about it, honestly. I like the calendar and I like knowing I'm working towards something

 Of course the first week of training coincided with Derby Week here in Kentucky so the schedule was a little screwy. Overall I'm happy with how it went.

So a big fat goose egg in the pool this week. I kind of expected that. The schedule was just wacky. I'm hoping to get both swims in this week. My Wednesday night Brick's are going to be hard to get in. I'm not really sure how to do those in the morning but I guess we'll figure it out!

Best Workout of the Week
I got my bike out twice this week and had good rides. Thursday the weather was awful so I was stuck on the trainer. Oh well. Saturday it was warm, sunny, and beautiful so I took Ghost out on my little 30 min route. Unfortunately about 5 minutes from home she popped a spoke and catapulted me back into wobbly wheel land. This is the third (or 4th?) time this has happened, which is frustrating. Luckily Hubz was able to give me a lift back home and I got her into the bike shop that day. She needed a spring tune up anyway. Hopefully they'll get her back to me quickly!

Best Meal of the Week
I ate like utter shit this week. Seriously. My nutrition coach is going to kill me. Part of it was in reaction to a bad appointment with her on Monday (more on that later) but Derby, man, just means food. And alcohol. I'm feeling the effects of all of the bad food, which I think is good in the long run. My body realizes that good tasting and good feeling aren't the same. Last night we celebrated mother's day at my parents and my mom and grandmother both cooked up a great meal. Dad did ribs on the grill (omg) and my grandma made her famous potato salad. It was by far the best meal of the week.
At the bakery picking up Mother's Day Treats

Plan for Next Week
In response to the bad eats this week I'm prepping for a good food week. I planned out our meals - which are on my computer at home, sorry! - and prepped everything yesterday. Hubz requested Taco Salad which is totally new to me. So i cooked and prepped everything and now the whole week of food is waiting for us in the fridge. Also, I cleaned out my fridge at work and brought everything for the week in today. Voila - healthy fridge full of good eats!
Workout Goals:
- Get in 2 Swims
- Get Ghost back and ride ride ride!

Happy Running!

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