Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just Keep Moving Forward

Since I last blogged I've run two half marathons and finished my first training cycle of 2016.

No big deal.

I started training for the Bluegrass Classic back on January 4th. My goal was to run three days a week and cross train 2 days. For the most part, I made that work. I managed to avoid major illness or injury during the Four months and actually enjoyed most of it. Here's what my numbers look like overall:

Overall Activities: 95 (45 runs)
Overall Distance: 366.31 miles (200.58 run)
Time: 65:34:56 ( 41:40:04 run)
Calories Burnt: 39,104 (26,667 run)

I have a lot to say about both the Ky Derby Festival Half Marathon and the Run the Bluegrass Half marathon but...really no interest in writing it down. They were half marathons. I ran them. That's pretty much it. Well, except the Run the Bluegrass was gorgeous and hill and torturous and wonderful. But yeah, I got a medal. I kept running.

So next up? Time to start looking towards Ohio. I'm sort of unsure about what life will look like come August 21st. So much feels uncertain. I've got a plan and some races in between. Hopefully come August I'm a half Ironman twice over.

Happy Running!

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