Sunday, May 15, 2016

Right on Target (Week 2 Recap)

What a great week! Another light week at work meant I could focus on getting in the workouts. I'm definitely happy with how this week went. I actually accomplished both goals from last week - got in both swims and some riding!

Best Workout of the Week
The weather here continues to be crappy. Last weekend was nice and warm, but the week was cold and rainy. It basically rained every other day (and drizzled in between). I was really looking forward to my long ride on Saturday until I woke up to rain and low temps. Luckily the rain held off but it was still really cold. My friend Jessie and I met up with the Louisville Bicycle Club group for my favorite old route. You can always tell the triathletes from the actual cyclists because while the cyclists were all in long pants with special jackets and nifty caps and gloves, I had a long sleeve shirt under my jersey and that was basically it. The first half was pretty windy and cold. Luckily we managed to finish in one piece. Overall it was a nice ride and definitely character building. 

Best Meal of the Week
I did a great job of staying on meal plan last week. I made a taco salad, some asian marinaded chicken, and some other good high protein meals. I even managed to do well with lunches last week. My favorite meal by far was Saturday night's date night. We went to one of my favorite restaurants. They have a Belgian pommel frite appetizer that is to die for. After that I had their house salad with salmon. The salmon was the best I've ever had. It had this perfect crust but wasn't breaded or anything. Oh lord, it was good. Then of course we went for ice cream. I kind of regret this because it was super decadent but...yeah it was totally worth it. 

For Next Week:
Next week is going to be pretty stressful at work and my regular court schedule will resume with a vengeance. I also may be racing next Saturday. Who knows at this point - the weather has just been awful. So here's the plan:

Anyway, here's what I hope to get this week:
  • Get the bike workouts in. Even if they're late at night - even if they're on the trainer
  • Keep up the good weekday eating. Good lunches, lots of healthy snacks
Happy Running! 

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