Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Still Here - Weekly RoundUp

Totally dodged the Weekly Recap this week. The weekend was exhausting and involved our 9 mile long run, a football game (loss, ugh), a wedding, and moving a ton of stuff from my parents' house. The "moving" part was surprisingly emotional as it involved taking boxes containing my entire childhood and moving them out of my childhood home. By Sunday afternoon I'd planned out dinner and my blogging time and was really not into it. Instead, we ordered pizza, watched the Lord of the Rings and pretended it was Saturday instead of Sunday.

Last Week's Workouts
Not Great
Mon: 4.6 mile run @ 12:00 min/miles. Still a little sore from the 10K so I just did what felt good
Tues: 1500 yard swim set
Weds: Bike fitting! 45 minutes of serious pedaling
Thurs: Volleyball  tournament - two matches, though not reflected on my chart
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9 miles @ 12:17 min/mile.

Our long run Saturday took a lot of convincing. I had no intention of getting up and going and Josh really had to push me to do it. It was kind of dreary and overcast. This is why you need a good support system though because the run ended up being great! We worked in some decent hills and I practiced running on effort rather than pace. I was able to keep a much more even overall pace this week because of it. While not the best week of training due to my bike fitting Wednesday, it was good.

Also, the bike fitting was AWESOME. If you have a bike you need to see a professional bike fitter pronto. The fitting was free at the MultiSport shop where I purchased my bike. The bike tech, Joe, was nice and knowledgeable. He switched out my stem & propped up my brakes a little bit so I'm much more comfortable and relaxed in the upperbody. I also switched to clipless pedals. Yikes.

Due to the rain, and the fact that I'm a total chicken, I haven't gotten to ride my bike since the fitting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for today!
Totals: 14.57 miles, 4:11:55, 2, 668 Calories

 Not terrible. Not Great. As we get closer to the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon I'm honestly just trying to keep from getting injured or sick. Both are difficult. I have an appointment with an Allergist today to (hopefully) learn to manage my asthma and allergies better. The downside is that I haven't been able to take my beloved antihistamine for the last 5 days. AHH! Wish my luck.

Also, while I was looking through my photos I found these two of little Ellie Dog. She was so small!

Happy Hump Day!

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