Friday, October 3, 2014

Pre-Race Jitters

Until today I didn't realize I still got pre-race jitters. Hmm. 

Tomorrow morning we're running the Great Pumpkin 10K. It's a new race for us in a park I've never been to. I think that's contributing to the nervousness. I've done 5 or 6 races at this distance and I honestly think it's my favorite. It's sort of a "middle distance" and I always raced middle distance (200) in swimming. Short enough to go fast, long enough for endurance to matter. 

The race is part of our training for the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in a few weeks. Maybe I'm nervous because it should be a good indicator of how that race should go. Who knows. The plan for now is to (1) set a challenging pace and (2) negative split. 
            Ellie isn't at all concerned

Ive been hydrating like crazy and made a great pizza for dinner that's served as good pre-race fuel in the past. Now we're just watching football and relaxing. 

Up and at 'Em early tomorrow for my first race since April - here goes nothing!

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