Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday Monday

**this post was originally published on 2/2 but blogger had a seizure and took it down. However, far be it for me to deprive you of my awesome updates 

Monday again?

My typical Sunday blog time was preempted by the Super Bowl.  I promise to fill you in on my week of workouts. 

There's not too terribly much to report thanks to this stupid cold I've acquired. After 4 days of itchy throated coughing I'm finally coughing "productively". Hopefully that means we're in the home stretch. I'd like to thank God, my family, and pseudo ephedrine for getting me through it. 

Ran and biked this weekend, though in limited capacity. Hated cutting my run Saturday in half but thought it best to be kind to my body. I only wish it had the same respect for me. 

But before I left for my run there was some mandatory puppy cuddle time 

And of course, no weekend is complete  without a Set Up Sunday. 

A frozen lasagna I made at Christmas will serve as dinner twice this week. An awesome baked fajita recipe will make fajitas for one night and quesadillas for another. 

Sunday set up for me also means cleaning out the fridge of all the old "UFOS" (aka unidentified food objects) and washing dishes. 

So let's go Monday. Bring it. 

Happy running!

Did you watch the super bowl? Happy with the result?
How do you deal with a cold?

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