Monday, February 23, 2015

Making progress & snow melting

Well last week is in the books. Glad to have those 2 weeks behind me. Got derailed a bit by my GI procedure and last week by the snow. I got on the scale Saturday morning totally anticipating - and deserving - to be on the plus side of my last weigh in. Oddly enough, I was surprised with a loss!!

Beginning weight: 187.8
Last week: 182.4
This week: 181.8 (-.6 this week., -6 overall)

Boom! What better motivation for this week? 

Last week's snow meant a lot of time on the trainer. 
I did a 45 minute stint on the trainer one day and it might be the first time I've ridden that long. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! I've given up trying to get my cadence censor to work inside. I just set the timer on my phone and put it out of sight. I'm not spending nearly enough time on he bike yet though. Gotta ramp it up!!

Snow persisted this weekend so it was a lot of couch time with the pup and some treadmill walking at home. It's not my favorite treadmill, but it's better than nothing. 

Sunday was a yoga day - which was kind of a bust. My knee was really killing me after my walk Saturday. I was hoping yoga would help but it just made my hamstrings really sore. Oh well. 

This week resumes our regular schedule! Couldn't be happier. Let's go. 

Happy running!

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