Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 2 is Through

What a week! It started with a vacation day and ended with a lazy Easter Sunday and a beautiful ride.

36 min Bike
Swim#3, 30 min Ride
30 min Run
30 min ride, 15 min run
30 min ride, 15 min run
Swim #4, 30 min ride
Swim #4
30 min Ride
10 Mile run
45 Min Run
34 min ride
1:30 Swim
1:30 Bike
1:30 Run
4:30 Total
0:45 Swim
1:48 Bike
2:44 Run
5:18:39 Total

Best Workout of the Week

This is a hard one this week! I love love LOVED my Brick on Wednesday. The Weather was perfect and I finished feeling great. Each ride I get more and more comfortable on the bike. Though my shoulders/neck/traps were pretty sore after this particular ride. I flew off the bike again this week. I tried to keep it pretty slow and took some walk breaks. 

So it's a tie between my brick and the Papa John's 10 Miler. I'll report at length on the awesome tale of perseverance that was the 10 Miler. Suffice it to say we finished and I didn't get injured. Since those were my two goals, I'm pretty hyped!


Best Meal of the Week

So we had some pretty good eats this week. Thursday night I made Boboli Pizza with turkey pepperoni and it was dyn-o-mite. Friday we engaged in our pre-race ritual and had sushi from the place up the street. This house could've been a one bedroom no plumbing hovel but it's location and proximity to awesome sushi makes it 100% desirable in my book. 

Those meals aside, it think my favorite meal was Wednesday night's "Whatever you want" fare. I nuked a sweet potato and topped it with some light butter. I had pre-cooked chicken in the fridge so I piled that on some tortilla chips with some Mexican cheese and had some badass nachos. Random, I know, but it was what sounded good!

I've got two posts in the works so look for a three post week from me this week (eek!). There's rain in the forecast, which is the usual around here this time of the year. Though it could snow at any moment or be 90, so who's to say what's 'usual' around here?

I'm off to soak in a hot epsom salt bath and foam roll until I pass out. Then I will wake up and eat cake. Happy Easter!
Your weekly Ellie

Happy Running!

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it!
What was the best thing you ate last week? Do you ever eat hodgepodge meals? 

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