Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 5 Recap

What a week! It involved both ramping up my training for IM Muncie AND tapering for the KDF Mini Marathon. Lets check it out.

37 Miles!

I'm happy with this week. I've been doing one swim a week and got both in this week while I dropped a little of the run to compensate for Saturday's race. I really need to start getting my ass on the bike a little more.

Best Workout of the Week
Obviously, the race has to take this one! I finished my 8th half marathon in 2:27 which is a decent time for me. I was going for under 2:30 and was ecstatic to negative split this race in the pouring down rain.

Adding to the hardware!
I rescheduled the planned Saturday bike to Sunday. It was hard getting my sore legs going but I'm glad that I did. Im still a little skittish on the bike - particularly stopping and going uphill (the most recent falls). Every ride makes me stronger though so I'm gonna stay in the saddle.
Beautiful Dogwood near the house 
Selfie Break!
Seneca Loop Trailhead
Best Meal of the Week
This one is fairly obvious too. We went to a restaurant called The Cafe after the mini on Saturday. I made the reservations earlier in the week for two reasons: (1) it's close to the race and (2) the food is INSANE. We went there after the 10 miler and I had a Belgian waffle that I almost married right then and there (Sorry Hubz). It was amazing. This time I had it with strawberries and whipped cream. To.Die.For. I ate it so quickly that I didn't even manage to get a picture. Also, diet coke. Lots of diet coke.

Saturday night we went out to our favorite Mediterranean place and again, I ate everything.

This week's menu is promising. The Hubz is off on a work trip so it's just me and Ellie, meaning we're eating adventurously. Last night I made this recipe for Potato Hash from the Pioneer Woman. It was scrumptious. I suggest you make it immediately.
Pre-Egg adding 
Fried egg + Sriracha = bliss
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Just trying to keep work from killing me (and barely succeeding) and trying to get in my miles. And lots and lots of snuggles from my favorite puppy.
Ellie: professional couch crasher

Happy Running!

Did you race last weekend? How'd it go?
What's your favorite go-to weekday meal? 

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