Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 4 is Toast

We're now halfway through the base building phase of training, also  known as 1/4 of the way there!

Total = 5:53 min cardio, 30.65 miles, 3, 969 Calories

Not too shabby. I need to up my swim and run time a little bit. Finding the time for those workouts is a little difficult. Hopefully I can start sneaking a swim in on Tuesdays. 

Best Workout of the Week

Hands down this was my Saturday ride. The rest of the week was pretty rainy and kept me inside and off the bike. Saturday I packed Ghost up and headed to the Parklands at Floyd's Fork. It's a beautiful park "system" on the east side of the county. It's still in progress and a lot of it isn't open yet. I fell in love with it at the Great Pumpkin 10K last year and thought it would be a great place to bike. Lots of straightaways, not much traffic. It didn't disappoint! The park was fairly busy so i stayed off of the path in some sections but the roads were pretty much empty.

Now if you're asking yourself, "Gee whiz Jenn, you've really mastered this whole biking thing haven't you?" Lest you think I'm some sort of bike expert, I definitely proved my newbieness on Saturday. About 15 minutes in I hit a HUGE hill. It was an overpass that was essentially at an 80 degree incline. I didn't downshift enough before getting on it and the bike just stopped. I tried to stand up but I knew my balance wouldn't hold. I braced myself and just held on to the bike as I leaned left. Crash, boom, ouch. Pavement. Luckily not too many people saw (and I wasn't hurt too badly...). Definitely my worst crash to date. My elbow got progressively sorer and it's nicely bruised. Same with my hip. Today's run also told me that my shoulder took a hit as well. Oh well. I got up and kept biking until my workout was done. I think I just have to get up and recover from those falls to get better. Lucky for me none of them have been that bad and, on the bright side, I fell on the left side of the bike this time!

Horse Park near English Station 
Taking a Break to get my bearings
Rail overpass near Taylorsville rd. 
I think my swim workout from this week also gets an honorable mention. It started with me absolutely positively GTFO not wanting to swim. I dilly dallied, I stalled, I did everything but say "fuck it i'm getting back in bed." Moral victory, right? I get to the pool and had to wait 10 minutes for a lane. WTF. Conviction definitely wavered as I sat there next to a weird old guy who wanted to chit chat about this and that. At least I didn't have to feel weird about forgetting to shave my legs because, yeah, he shouldn't have been looking anyway. 

The main set consisted of 3 times through 150 @ 20 seconds rest, 200 @ 30 seconds rest. It was tough, but felt great! Really proud of myself for sticking it out and getting in a great workout in record time. 

Tuesday Afternoon Run Across the River
Sunset over the Falls of the Ohio 
After my Sunday Treadmill run

Best Meal of the Week

Lots of good stuff on the menu this week but I probably have to go with what we just ate that I was too busy to take a picture of. Trader Joe's flounder stuffed with crab meat, roasted potatoes and kroger salad bar salad. Yumm. This week I bought some turkey burgers to eat with my sweet potatoes. I'll keep you posted, it could go either way. 

Aside from the workouts we had a nice visit from the water fairy who brought use a deluge of rain in the office on Wednesday. 

Thanks, jerk. Plumber came out Friday and could not find the leak. He was here for over 2 hours and still couldn't find it. I followed him around so I know he looked. It's puzzling. I'm posting this here mostly so I have documentation that I am not, in fact, crazy. At least not on this point. 

The biggest benefit of training? Sleeping like a damn baby. 

Ellie knows what i'm talking about. 

Another gradual increase in training this week all culminating in the Derby Festival Mini Marathon. 

82 Days till Muncie!

Happy Running!

Have you ever had a water leak? Did the plumber find it? Tell me more!
Do you shop at Trader Joe's? What's your favorite Tj's treat

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