Sunday, May 24, 2015

8+ hours of training - Week 9 Done

Hard to believe I'm done with the first week of peak training. Three more and then it's taper!! Lets see how it went

I'm pretty impressed with myself for the week. Actually I'm impressed with May in general. This week Josh was in Newport Beach which left me a single dog mom. It's hard to get in 8 hrs of training,  50+ hours of work and keep a beagle puppy. Luckily my mom pitched in on Beagle Duty and kept me from feeling super guilty about leaving her all the time. Thanks Mom!

Best Workout of the Week
This is a duo. My trainer ride on Thursday was awesome. I swam in the morning and anticipated riding outside before volleyball but the weather decided not to cooperate. So I popped on Homeland and hit the trainer. I stayed in a pretty heavy gear (for me) for most of the ride and did the required 5x1 min pick ups w/ 1 min spin after a warm up. it felt good! I sweated like crazy. I also cranked some serious speed. Obviously, I know it's easier to get the speed on the trainer than out on the road. I'm hoping that my weekend sessions on the road will build confidence/handling while my trainer sessions build the leg strength. 
Speed Racer!
Tan lines for the win
My other favorite workout has to be the 26 mile ride I did with the Louisville Bicycle Club. Last week I did my first ride with them, the Iroquois Special 21 miler. This week the weather was beautiful which meant there were a lot more people out. My friend and fellow Landshark Stef was there and I got to meet and chat with some other Landsharks too. Stef is relatively new to triathlon too so it's nice getting to chat with her and kind of learn things as we go. I was too scared to go out with the big main pack so I hung out in the back. Did this mean that I ended up going so so so slow the whole time? Yes. It was slow. I also skipped out on the hills through Iroquois Park. Sorry, not sorry. I met two lovely women who were also new to cycling and we chatted while we waited for the badasses/everyone else to come down. Afterwards I did a quick change and a 15 min run from the parking lot. My legs felt pretty fresh! 

To put it in perspective, this was my longest ride since TriFest. Pace wise I was identical (seriously) but it felt a lot easier. That's probably due to the elevation but I'm going to also say I'm getting stronger legs. 
Afterwards I celebrated with a Lemonade Icee and a trip to the bike store. Peter from V02 hooked me up with new cages - which I can hopefully reach and actually USE when riding - and elevated my hoods a little bit. I rode this morning and they felt better so fingers crossed I've solved the numb fingers problem. 

Love those sassy new bottle cages!
Best Meal of the Week
I dropped the ball on this one. Either that or I must've hated everything I ate this week. After Volleyball Wednesday I was starving and one of my favorite bars was "on the way home" so I stopped and got a salmon burger and crab fries. I paid for it Thursday but good lord it was delicious.  Today was my sister's wedding and I had BBQ and cake so that probably wins. Cake always wins, in my opinion. 

I've been on an Iced Coffee kick lately and Starbucks Via is the perfect way to get it. I drink this stuff on my way to my morning swims. Perfect little pick-me-up. 

I also discovered these at the grocery yesterday. Any time you can tell me that peanut butter cups are "healthy" i'm on board. Finally, a use of quinoa I can get behind. 

This week is another heavy training load. I'm excited though! Tomorrow is my rest day and we're hoping to go to the zoo. Our zoo is so hilly it'll be a "working" recovery but I'm excited. Fingers crossed the rain holds off!

Happy Running!

Do you ride/Run in a group? Tell me about it!
What are your favorite healthy/nothealthy snacks?

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