Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hump day Happenings

Recovery from this weekend's race has been slow and steady. Monday I had a vacation day so I walked adound, ran some errands and just tried to relax and re-hydrate. 

Tuesday I resumed my training plan with a 45 minute run. I was lucky enough to snag my girls Rania & Emily from work to run with. We went to my favorite park and ran at a pretty easy pace. My legs were so heavy. I felt like we were going lightning fast & then I looked at my watch...yikes. We stopped and walked and talked a lot. All in all it was the tin I needed. We went for an hour so I cut out my Wednesday run and opted just to bike.

Oh, the bike. 
This wise principle, attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, has been my guiding phrase lately. Certainly biking had been my manifestation of fear. Wednesday I got ghost back from the bike shop with a clean drive train and brand new bar tape. So spiffy. Rather than deal with traffic jam getting to the park I drove over and left from there. It cut the stress down immeasurably since the standing in traffic thing is super tough for me. All in all a good 45 minute ride with some strong winds & hills at points 

 This morning I hit the trainer while Hubz left for the pool. It took me well over 15 minutes to get into a rhythm. I had to keep stopping to adjust the TV or let Ellie out. It wasn't pretty, but it's done right?

Tonight I've got a swim after work and then a Landsharks Social! Luckily volleyball isn't until late late tonight so j have plenty of time for both. The presenters are on efficiency training and overuse/injury prevention. Both great topics. I don't know many people there so I'm going to consider this my scary thing for the day :) 

Happy running!

What did you do this week that scared you? 
Are you part of an athletic club/organization? How has it helped you?

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