Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 10 Recap - Longest run done

This week's training seemed to drop off a little bit with a lighter bike, but definitely picked back up for the long run. Longest run in the last month of 10 miles is officially done. Lets reminisce about my 2nd week of peak training.

It feels weird to say, "Only 56 miles?"
Planned & Actual = almost dead on!
Best Workout of the Week
Probably my LBC ride on Saturday. Duh. I went back out for my third straight week of the Louisville Bike Club's Iroquois Special. Since training only called for an hour this week I chose the "short" ride of 21 miles. It's never 21 miles though. It was a HUGE group since the weather was in the 80s and sunny.
So that was kind of intimidating. I put on my big girl pants and tried to get out with one of the middle packs. I did it! I hung in with the middle pack through main street and all of the lights. I stayed in my granny gear most of the ride but just sort of followed behind these two "older" (seriously though, it turns out they were in their late 60s) gents and just enjoyed the ride. I broke off with them and actually caught up behind two others on the way back downtown. I like riding behind people not for drafting purposes but just as sort of a forecast of what's to come. I like having people spot holes, cars, and lights for me. Call me leech if you will, but right now that's how I'm comfortable. I taped a waffle to my top tube in hopes of getting the nerve to eat it during the ride...nope. Still not good with that. i did, however, successfully remove an angry bee from my glasses after it got caught. A harrowing experience, yes.
No Newbie Chain marks!

It was also my first longer ride in my Coeur kit - which I loved! My phone stayed snug even through my run afterwards. I'm desperately trying to get rid of my ridiculous overbroad tan lines from my landshark kit. Oh well, badge of honor and all that.
Ignore the back fat, if you please

Best Meal of the Week
I didn't take a pic of anything this week so nothing must've been super appetizing. I honestly can't remember much of what we ate. I don't think I cooked. Whoops. I know we planned it out, I just forgot to actually pay attention. So note to self, be more intentional this week. Tonight I'm breaking out the old George Forman and grilling up some chicken breast and serving with these delicious Sesame Noodles from the Pioneer Woman. I die. I love them. AND they're really good cold the next day. Score!

Last two weeks of Peak Training! This week is the long bike and next week is the long run. Eek! After that it's all downhill. Actually, next week is my next race, Race the Bridge Louisville. Can't wait!

Happy Running!

Did you eat anything super impressive this week? Tell me
Do you have your husband take hilariously awkward pictures of you mid-working? Why not?

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