Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tri Talk Tuesday: Must Haves for the Run

I'm going to take a whirl at linking up with Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles, Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails and Cynthia at You Signed up for WHAT? for Tri Talk Tuesday this month. Each month they pick a Triathlon Topic to write about and this month it's the Run. Now, since I've only completed two Triathlons in my life I don't have a lot of triathlon specific run advice. What I do have is an arsenal of running stuff that has adapted quite well to triathlon and helped me be successful thus far. I give you,
1. Sports Bra
Whether you're wearing a Tri Kit or something else, you will most likely need a good sports bra. Lets be honest, I'm a busty lady. Keeping the girls in check is difficult but essential for running. In Triathlon the only discipline that they become an issue is in the run. After years of searching for a good sports bra I've finally fallen in love. Moving Comfort has a style for every body and every sport. Personally, I love the Juno and the Jubralee. I've worn both during swims and have found them to be comfortable and quick drying. MC can get a little pricey (which is relative in triathlon) but they always have stuff on sale, which you can check out here.

2. Body Glide
Ever had something rub the wrong way during a long run? Well guess what, it's going to rub just as badly after a long bike and a good swim. I wear body glide on the daily. In fact, I wear it whenever I wear skirts since these Thunder Thighs like to rub. C'est la vie. I keep it in transition and slather a bunch on my thighs after I get off of the bike. If you change socks - which I might this weekend at Tri Fest - Slather it in between your toes to keep from rubbing. I should buy stock in this stuff.

3. Good Socks

I can't stress this enough. The insides of shoes gross me out so I wear socks for the bike AND the run. Since your feet are wet when you put them on you need them to be quick drying and cushioning. This is hard to come by. I have been loving Swiftwick compression socks for the bike and shorter runs. They dry super quick, are really breathable and give my feet a little hug. For longer runs - and for this weekend's Olympic Tri - I change for the run. I love Balega, which have a little extra cushion. With my achy feet I need a little extra cushion on the balls of my feet.

4. Good Shoes
This one is true whether you're a beginning runner or elite triathlete: get good shoes. Be professionally fitted, test them out, don't wear them too long. I've been wearing the Brooks Adrenaline for two years now and I really like them. I need a wider toe box and the Adrenaline deliver. This year, rather than buying the new version I found the 14's on Zappos for a good price. I highly recommend using Zappos for "last year" or later model shoes at a crazy good price. 

5. Visor/hat
If for no other reason than your hair is a hot mess after having on a swim cap and a helmet, you need some headwear for the run. Also, when it's super hot  (like it's going to be for basically all of my races) you need something to shield your face and eyes from the sun. Like with anything else make sure it's moisture wicking and light. I keep going back and forth between a hat (which can hold ice during Muncie's brutal heat) or a visor which is what I've always worn. I currently wear one I won at a volleyball tournament from ASiCS, but Headsweats is a great brand that has both (and has lots of fashion options!)

6. Hydration
This is a tough one because most good courses have plenty of hydration out on the run. That being said, I need to drink a lot because I haven't quite mastered hydration on the bike. A good handheld like this one from Nathan is a good option because you can refill it at the aid stations. It's light weight, has just enough of a pouch for gels and keys, but not so big that it's heavy to carry. I got this one at the Flying Pig Expo last year and I LOVE it.

7. Mental Toughness
So this isn't gear really but it's a necessity. Whether you're doing a super sprint or a full Ironman, the run is all that stands between you and the finish line. It's important to practice positive affirmations or visualizations to help you get there.  This is super important when you have a bad bike. This has become even more helpful for me as I've started training without my ipod (AHHH!). Figure out what works for you - talking to yourself, singing, counting, etc. - and practice it. The run is the finish lap - enjoy it!

Happy Running!

Got any must haves for your running? What gear did I miss?
How do you mentally prepare for the run leg of the triathlon?


  1. Good list, although I go sockless for Sprint and Oly tris. I bodyglide the back of my shoe and just go! Upside - time saver. Downside - very stinky shoes.

  2. Great list. That Nathan bottle is my favorite hand held water bottle for the run.

  3. Hmmm, great point about the handheld for the run. I may need to try that. I am still not great at fueling/hydrating on the bike. I definitely need to work on that for sure!