Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 8 Recap - Half Way!

Done with my base building phase and officially half way through with Muncie training. It was an unremarkable week otherwise. Lets check it out.

52 miles? Okay!

I skipped my Tuesday swim. I was still feeling pretty sore from the race last weekend and my friends from work were up for a run. Just can't do two morning workouts at the gym a week with work and carpooling. Luckily, I got in a great run with the girls after work. Some of my workouts got goofed around, which I'm ok with. For instance, we ran for 1:00 on Tuesday so I didn't do my 15 min run on Wednesday. Instead, I did my longer ride Wednesday and shorter one before work on Thursday. Whatever it takes to get it in (healthy and without injury), right? Right.

Best Workout of the Week
Probably my long run today, but I'm going to go with my ride yesterday. I rode with the Louisville Bicycle Club for the first time. It was so intimidating and nerve-wracking. I was so anxious about the whole thing - never having ridden in a group or done the route before. I'm also, well, slow. Luckily, one of the gals from the Triathlon club was there and made me feel at home before we left off. They offered a long ride (35 miles) and a short ride (21 miles) both for relative beginners. The short ride was a lot of fun and I wasn't too far behind the pack. In fact, I wouldn't have been behind at all if not for a few poorly timed lights. Next week I hope to do the long ride.
New route through a new part of town 

From today's sunrise 9 miler

Best Meal of the Week
Nothing really stood out to me this week. I made a batch of my amazing Chuy's knockoff Creamy JalapeƱo sauce and we ate it on Fajitas and with Quesadillas. That was awesome. So probably those quesadillas with the leftover veggies, chicken and jalapeno sauce. yum yum.

The Hubz is in Los Angeles for the week on a "work" trip. I say work because he's with people from work and supposedly attending a work related conference. I say "work" because I know damn well they'll be on the beach drinking beer 99% of the time. Jerk.

This week begins the "peak training" phase of my plan. Eek! Workouts get longer and more intense. Time for speed work! I think I've put in the effort though and hopefully my body is ready to adapt.  According to Garmin, here are my totals for the first 8 weeks of training:

296 miles. On to the next 200!

Happy Running!

Did you eat anything particularly scrumptious last week? 
What's on your "plate" for next week?
Does your spouse get to go to exotic locations without you? How much do you hate them? 

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