Monday, November 21, 2011

Short & Sweet

Like most of you, I had one of those "pre-holiday" days: everything you normally would do in a week needs to be done in two days but your brain is already half-way out the door. Sums it up, pretty much.

I got into work super early today - having successfully turned in my dreaded take-home final - and decided that rather than be a super star volunteer-employee & work until my scheduled time, I'd head out early to hit the gym. Best decision. By 3 o'clock I was restless and my legs were starting to get the 'itch' - you know, when you've been sitting at your desk too long and you just must get up. That one. Only one thing could be done.
Me: I'm outta here. Time to go annihilate my body at the gym. Oh yeah. 
J: Go get 'em babe. Let me know how it goes 
I love that. My awesome man gives me top-notch support and encouragement regardless of whether I'm walking on the treadmill or running a half marathon. So thankful for him.

I was feeling pretty good from this weekend. My body was definitely letting me know that I worked hard, but not sore or stiff at all. Realizing I hadn't been on the treadmill in ages, it was kind of weird to get back on it. Despite the awkward reunion, Mr. Treadmill was perfect for what I was doing: some short and sweet intervals. It looked kinda like this:
1.0mi warm-up @ 5.0mph
0.10mi @ 6.4 (0.15mi walk)
0.20mi @ 6.3 (0.15mi walk)
0.30mi @ 6.2 (0.15mi walk)
0.40mi @ 6.1 (0.15mi walk)
0.30mi @ 6.2 (0.15mi walk)
0.20mi @ 6.3 (0.15mi walk)
0.10mi @ 6.8
0.50mi cool down @ 5.0
It's not a lot mileage wise, and the paces aren't even that fast. But it definitely was challenging. That, combined with my first test of Rock My Run, made for a really enjoyable run. I followed it up with 20 minutes of core work that was a lot less enjoyable.

If you're not familiar with Rock my Run, check it out! It's essentially a free downloadable DJ service. You can choose the mixes by length, genre, or artist. I liked that I didn't have to worry about skipping through my Ipod to find something to listen to. Not to mention all of the songs on the mix I chose (Everybody Say Paarrrtay!) had a great upbeat tempo and weren't obnoxious. Those are basically my qualifications. Definitely give it a try!

Hope everyone is recovering from Philly and your weekend races. How was your run/workout today?

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge
Total Daily Points - 4 mile run, 20 minute core work = 5 points
Total Weekly points - 14 
Total cumulative points - 14


  1. yayyyy! i love that you are doing HBBC!!! it has been so motivating for me! you totally dominated your workout...seriously. intervals are so tough and those paces are NOT easy. give yourself some credit! you rocked it! i signed up for rock my run and then never have actually used it but hear great things...i need to change this TONIGHT!!!!

  2. I looooooove Rock My Run, isn't it the best? Great workout!!!