Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Going Going

Business as usual here in my world. Finals are just around the corner and while I lucked into only having one in-class exam (yay!) I have two other "finals" due between now and Thanksgiving (boo!). The first is a "brief" to the US Supreme Court that's due tomorrow. I'm so deep in the religion clauses I might drown (it's possible, trust me).

The best thing about running is that it doesn't contain any religion clauses. It doesn't contain any statutory interpretation, it doesn't include any professors, it doesn't include any judges - running just 'is'. That's the beauty of it.

In keeping with my "Just go with it" theme I've been working on being 'present'. It seems lately like a lot of my life is being lived in the future: planning for finals, planning for spring semester, planning for graduation, planning for the wedding, etc. Everything I do seems purposed toward "tomorrow." It shouldn't be a surprise to me that I fall into the same trap with running. Each run is done with the next workout in mind, each workout with the next long run in mind, each long run with the next race, etc. This is no way to live.

So now I'm trying to focus on being really in the moment. I kickstarted this whole thing at Yoga last week. I focused on thinking about me, and the moment I was in; each breath, each muscle fiber in each stretch. It felt so good just to put everything else out of my head and focus on right now.

Today's run is a perfect example of this. Last night before I went to bed I made a workout knowing that I'd probably be too chicken to do it. I sent it to my Garmin and headed to bed. Turns out - it was great! I worked a ladder (1/4. 1/2. 3/4, 1. 3/4, 1/2, 1/4) with .15mi rest and HR goals. I focused on each split on it's own, independent of the others and worked on meeting the specific pace goals I'd set. And I did - on every single one!
10:48 was my slowest split...waaah?
Talk about runners high. I feel great! Cooled off with a chocolate smoothie and lots of water, due to this ridiculous "heat". Now, I feel totally grounded and ready to jump back into the Religion Clauses. Well, after I've eaten leftover Rigatoni Casserole that is.
Sans Breadcrumbs - oh there will be breadcrumbs on top
Recipe stolen from Beth @RUNNING Around my Kitchen and it's one you should steal too. Vegetarian friendly and freezes like a dream. I've posted the recipe I used along w/ the nutritional stuff!

Happy Running!


  1. I have never tried using any of the workouts on my Garmin - love the idea...maybe I'll "borrow" your workout!

  2. I had never used it either - it was magical! I set it up the night before and then bam, it was there. It gave me the 'heads up' when a new interval was about to start and beeped like crazy if i was going to fast/slow. Definitely going to play with it!!

  3. Oh, you poor thing….finals for law school - you have my sympathy! My hubby is a law prof and you guys have it rough! Nothing like my "soft science" psych course :) And I LOVE this idea of sending a workout to my Garmin, I have never given such a thing any thought. Glad you liked the recipe, thanks for the tag!