Monday, November 7, 2011

The New Plan Is No Plan

I think the ending of Daylight savings time created a rift in the universe.

Usually my days are meticulously structured and jam-packed. Every moment is planned out in an effort to complete 27 hours of work in the 24 hours provided to me. My meals, my minutes, my workouts - all strategically planned down to the minutes. After I walked out of the Ethics Exam Saturday morning, I felt like I'd entered the Twilight Zone. Rather than go-go-go I've felt kind of unmoored. While I'm usually inclined to call it 'lazy' and 'restless' right now, I'm calling it awesome.

My workouts have been just as wayward, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Usually if I run, I have to have a plan. A goal or an endpoint. I've never really run just to run. I ran because I wanted to accomplish something, so I ran to accomplish that goal. In typical "me" fashion I had to have the promise of the reward in order to actually do the running.

Something just clicked in Chicago, though. Since that race I've really been energized and excited about running. Maybe it was getting the reward of a pain-free, goal time race in perfect conditions. Maybe it was the surgery in February or the Hospital stay in March that made me really appreciate what it means to be active. Maybe it was this guy finally getting to be there for a race.

Hopefully our first of many post-finish line photos
Whatever the case, I want to run! So I'm taking a unique approach for awhile - I'm just going to do what feels good, when it feels good, until it doesn't feel good anymore. I'm going to try new routes and new paces; eat new things and try new fitness classes. I'm going to let runner-me go untethered and unstructured until January 1st. I'm eager to see where my runner-self will wander

Tonight I headed to my favorite Y for an hour of BodyPump. I forgot how much I love it - it makes me feel strong and tough and...really sore! I eaked out 15 minutes on the elliptical afterwards just to get my muscles nice and loose. This time of year the gym is usually just a few degrees too hot for my taste. Something about the weather changing so drastically makes it impossible for them to keep the thermostats right. Regardless, I got my HR up a little bit, got a good stretch in and left feeling really good.

I have to say - I'm tired! My body is worn out but I'm absolutely satisfied by the day. I have nothing planned for tomorrow as of yet....and I love it! Can't wait to see what runner-me has in mind.
Don't mind if I do!

When did you first fall in love with running? Were you training for something or did it just happen?


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! how did i not know you had a blog!?!!?!? this is the BEST NEWS EVERRRR!!!! and i love it. love everything about your blog. and you. and this post. simply amazing. so true. i can always tell when i am wandering away from what got me running in the first place because i feel burnt out and i just dont have the desire, drive or passion in that moment. But then when I get it feels so awesome. I first discovered a love for running about one year ago after my first half. omg. it was incredible. a goal i always dreamed of but did not think would be real. when it happened...i couldnt wait to stay healthy, keep having fun and see what else i am capable of. I LOVE marathoning but it is tough and the training often burns me out...I am excited to take december and january to live out the words of YOUR POST. to run for me. when i want. where i want. however i want. hopefully going to crush this marathon first. then i can reward myself :) have a wonderful night! hope you keep up with this blog because i am already loving reading. and wish you would have told me sooner!!!!!!!

  2. yeahhh i love the do what feels good approach to running, it makes me happy! i spend most of my training in that mode and get in so many joyful miles