Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not so "hip"

Well, it has been a ridiculous four days. 

My non-running/fitness related life simply consumed everything. Just a brief recap:
  • Thursday Night I Emcee'd a charity Battle of the Bands for the law school - Lawlapalooza. After working/class all day, I spent 6 hours listening to awesome bands and trying to get broke law students to part with their minimal shekels for a good cause. It was a HUGE success - we raised a ton of money and had an absolutely fantastic time. 
  • Friday Morning was the quarter final round of the Oral Advocacy competition. Of course, I drew the 9am round and my 6:30 wake up call was like a death sentence. Luckily for me, my argument was spot on and I advanced to the semi-finals! The final round was later in the afternoon and while I felt like I did a great job, the judges (took forever) to declare my opponent the winner. Oh well, the $750 runner-up prize means I get new running shoes. YES! The whole thing was followed by a reception for the judges that I hardly enjoyed because I just wanted to pass out.
  • Saturday was UofL v. Syracuse on the Grid Iron. It was a need-to-win situation and I'm really happy we pulled it out. As much as I love football games, that level of stress and excitement is seriously exhausting. I was running on fumes as we coasted into a 4 hour video-lecture on legal ethics. Yawn. 
  • Sunday was the last day of the sand vball season and it was GLORIOUS! We went into the tournament seeded fifth and managed to pull out a championship! We played three of the best matches of our lives and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season
Whew. I'm exhausted just reliving that. Notice anything missing? I have a glaring 3 day gap in my workout calendar. Yuck! I started to do my Insanity® workout on Sunday but the lack-of-sleep/too-much-sleep/exhaustion combination took a toll on my body. I settled for some yoga and then all of the volleyball. 

I've decided to repeat the recovery week in order to reap the benefits. I only got to complete one cardio core and balance workout and I think I would really gain from it. So...repeat! I also noted that I was missing workouts most on Saturdays so I'm switching it up so that my rest day is on Saturday. Hopefully that will cut down on "Zero" days. 

I did manage to get a workout in today and it felt pretty good. My knee has been pretty shaky, but not swollen. My hips, on the other hand, have just been screaming. I think it's from sitting for such long stretches of time. Trying to figure out how to foam roll my hips has been tricky, but I'm working on it. 

At any rate, I'm happy to have gotten one in and am looking forward to some renewed energy because of it. 

Happy Running!!

Do anything fun this weekend? How do you keep from getting stiff in our "sit-a-lot" lifestyles?

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